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Manipulate dice in fun and novel ways to control the fickle Mana Dice and bend their fate to your will. But beware, the foul Arcane Corruption is spreading and its influence on the once peaceful inhabitants of the world has made them aggressive. Battle your way through the Deadwoods and across the Scorched Desert to hunt down the source and cleanse the land of the corrupting influence.

Dice Gameplay

Experience the varied ways of rerolling, duplicating, splitting, flipping and converting your Mana Dice. Take command of the Mana Dice’s random nature, and transform them into states that will fit your mighty spells.

Engage groups of enemies and prioritize your targets carefully. Learn how each of the different opponent types are capable of sabotaging your well laid plans, as they interact directly with your spells and Mana Dice. The contagious mushrooms may ‘infect’ your spells with spreading debuffs, while the undead can curse your Mana Dice to roll poorly. The fiery elementals can even set your spells ablaze, hurting you if they are used.

Wizards and Spells

Meet the band of SpellRogues, each with their own unique elemental theme and special ways of interacting with dice through their Signature Spells.

  • Agni the Cinder Conjurer: Disassembles Mana Dice and feeds her fire spells with smaller Mana Dice to unleash devastating flames.
  • Jade the Earthen Mage: Can grow or wither Mana Dice and are capable of making nature move to help or hurt.
  • Morgan the Azure Seer: Controls the ebb and flow of Mana Dice and may redirect the forceful surges or rain acid upon her foes.

SpellRogue in its current form

  • Play with 3+ different wizard archetypes, Water, Earth & Fire.
  • Cast more than 120+ different spells, each with 2 upgrade variants.
  • Against the 40+ different enemies.
  • Loot 70+ different artifacts.
  • Experiment with powerful combinations and make difficult choices.
  • Vanquish the enraged spirits and corrupted inhabitants across 2 acts.

Active Development

SpellRogue is being developed openly and we are putting out new playtest versions roughly every 3-4 weeks. You can learn more on the SpellRogue Discord server and get involved in the playtesting efforts to help us make the game the very best it can be.

Title: SpellRogue

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy


Guidelight Games


Guidelight Games

Release Date: Coming soon

System Requirements



    • OS: TBA
    • Processor: TBA
    • Graphics: TBA


    • OS: TBA
    • Processor: TBA
    • Graphics: TBA

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