Maha Mangala Sutta මහා මංගල cතය (38 blessings which are truly auspicious and conducive to happiness) Once when Budun wahanse was residing in. The Mangala Sutta is a discourse (Pali: sutta) of the Buddha on the subject of ‘ blessings’ . Life’s Highest Blessings: The Maha-Mangala Sutta: Translation and Commentary by Dr ; Mangala Suta Uannana by Ven. K. Gunaratana Thera (docx-. Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery · 03 Mangala Sutta: Blessings Maha Maṅgala Suttaṁ: Discourse on Blessings Sutta desana sinhala arta atiwa ahanna labima ad pahasukama tiyenam pinsiduwei.

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Mangala Sutta – Wikipedia

This discourse is one of the most popular chants done in Theravada Buddhist countries. Many people chant it every day.

It is a list of many different ways the Buddha taught we can collect good karma. You can find this discourse in the Sutta Nipata in the Sutta Pitaka. You will often hear it if you come to one of our chanting services.

Download this text in a sample of the Paritta Chanting Book. See sijhala of the ways to get this Paritta Chanting book. Thus have I heard: Now when the night was far advanced, a certain deity, whose surpassing radiance illuminated the whole of Jetavana, approached the Blessed One, respectfully saluted him and stood to one side. Standing kaha, he addressed the Blessed One in verse:. Many deities and humans longing for happiness have pondered on the questions of blessings.


Pray, tell me what are the highest blessings? Not to associate with the foolish but to associate with the wise and to honor those worthy of honor these are the highest blessings.

Mangala Sutta

To reside in a suitable locality to have performed meritorious actions in the past, and to set oneself in the right direction these are the highest blessings. Vast learning, skill in handicraft, well grounded in discipline and pleasant speech these are the highest blessings.

Generosity, righteous conduct, giving assistance to relatives, and doing blameless deeds these are the highest blessings. To cease and abstain from evil, to abstain from intoxicating drinks, and to be diligent in practising the Dhamma these are the highest blessings. Paying reverence to those who suthtaya worthy of reverence, humility, contentment, gratitude, and the timely hearing of the Dhamma these are the highest blessings.

Patience, obedience, meeting monks and timely discussions on the Dhamma these are the highest blessings. The mind that is not touched by the ups and downs of life; the mind that is free from sorrow, stainless and secure these are the highest blessings. Those who have achieved these blessings are victorious everywhere, and they succeed in all their goals.


For them, these are the highest blessings. Etena saccena suvatthi hotu! By this truth, may there be well-being! Loku suwanin wahanseta namaskara wewa. Sutta desana sinhala arta atiwa ahanna labima wasanawak.

Damma 2 | බෞද්ධ තොරතුරු සංචිතය

Mp3 cd labaganime hakiyawak nomatha. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mangala Sutta Mahamevnawa T Standing thus, he addressed the Blessed One in verse: Harshajeewa May 12, at 8: Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.