Lying Awake. Mark Salzman, Author, Stephanie Shieldhouse, Illustrator Alfred A. Knopf $22 (p) ISBN Lying Awake study guide contains a biography of Mark Salzman, literature essays Set in Los Angeles, Lying Awake tells the story of Carmelite nun Sister. Mark Salzman’s novel, Lying Awake, invites us to reflect on social, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of neurological illness in particular and of the.

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It is the fictional story of Sister John of the Cross. In each, I admired the insight he displays, particularly because each intersects with a portion of my own life and relates it in a way I could not. He’s not trying to make Catholicism hip, Evelyn Waugh.

The writing itself is sparse and internal, very much like the inner life I imagine a nun to have.

Lying Awake

Too bad we’ve lost that genre for sales purposes at least. I enjoyed Salzman’s look at the life inside a convent, the way he uses language, and especially his clear-eyed depiction of women who devote their lives to God.

But they were still there, trying. Still, taking any pleasure in what could be evidence of God’s favor would, by definition, make her undeserving of that favor.

Ho Have you ever nark to know God?


So many ifs and buts in an inspirational story, when we learn what Sister John decides we then have to see what the outcome will be, will all be well with her and the community? I can’t bear the thought of going back to who I was before. In this cleanly written novel, Mark Salzman writes about faith in a way that is reverential without being overly pious.

Lying Awake Reader’s Guide

As the priest says in response to Sister John’s fears about losing her mystical experiences: Why did you choose to write about a nun, rather than a monk or priest? Inspired by Your Browsing History.

The book showed a si This was an excellent and awesome novel. But who am I to say? Does this mean A wise, gentle book with a very different feel from Salzman’s earlier book, The Soloist.

For example, how did the mental instability of artists and writers such as Vincent Van Gogh, Robert Lowell, and Sylvia Plath influence their work? Want to Read saving….

Lying Awake by Mark Salzman – Reading Guide – : Books

Why szlzman some of her memories [for example, pp. Don’t be misled by the setting, this story is not about the monastery, a nun’s habit, or migraines.

For years she has suffered from debilitating headaches, sharp pain that usually accompanies Sister John’s miraculous visions. As much as I disdane organized religion, I find stories about it somehow fascinating. I wanted to write a novel on the subject right away, but sensed it would take a long time to research, so I put a brief mention of St.


That’s the kind of understanding I meant. No trivia or quizzes yet. It’s a simple plot line with a deep underlying question that could have easily been elaborated on or agonized salzan, but that is the key to the book, it’s left to you to do I am awed by this book and all I could think when I finished it was “perfect”.

Lying Awake is a gentle, yet powerful story, more poem than prose. I see them come and go freely, I watch them grow. View all 8 comments. There is not one spare word and I applaud Mark Salzman for his eloquence and the extreme thought and discipline that must have gone into this book.

It’s a thought-provoking story about a nun in a very salzmxn cloister of Carmelite nuns in Los Angeles.

What do you make of those? What is more important—intensity of awakee experience, or the health and balance of interpersonal experience? But these moments, these flashes, were only the prelude of that final second in which the fit began.