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Escândalo é um livro sobre o mundo das celebridades. Te apresenta de uma forma única os bastidores do mundo da fama. A história conta sobre a vida de. No livro A Era do Escândalo quem assiste aos escândalos que se multiplicam e se revezam no noticiário finalmente vai poder responder a algumas questões. También era el autor de Cómo evitar un escándalo, el célebre libro rojo que se . Finally I picked it up and should have had more faith in DM to rock my world.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a [email protected] Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Si no hubiera visto su vulnerable belleza una noche aciaga Si sus labios no fueran tan arrebatadoramente rojos Paperbackpages.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. DM, the queen of wounded souls, really didn’t hold back on the cwazy family HX here incest, adultery, staged death, secret royal blood, pre-arranged engagementbut plot-wise, it lost a leg no pun intended towards the end.

I wish the external conflict didn’t [email protected] the in 4. I wish the external conflict didn’t overshadow [email protected] internal 1. If that’s not unconditional luv, I dunno what the hell is. I also liked that despite her physical emm, self-reliant Zosia is the aggressive go-getter in their unusual, playful courtship. Gotta say I was kinda let down that there’s a teaser that Tristan has a penchant for whips, but it’s all much ado ’bout nuffink.

No show, only tell. View all 19 comments.

What an awesome read!!! I have to be truthful, I had been struggling with this series, because the subject matter of the last two books had been extremely edgy.

So I let this book set on my TBR, passing it up time and again. Finally I picked it up and should have had more faith in DM to rock my world. OMGosh this book was so good! Tristan HAS issues and in order to gain control of them, he keeps his world on an extremely tight leash. Once he met Zosia however, his tight little world began to unr What an awesome read!!! Once he met Zosia however, his tight little world began to unravel quickly.

Once he saw the situation that Zosia and her situation is one that I have never read in a romance book and was surprised and pleased. He started to get oivro and believe in his changes his whole world began to change. If you haven’t read DM this is a very powerful read to start with.

Ty DM for such a wonderful read! Luvro yang ditawarkan dalam HR ini berbeda dengan biasanya. Heroine berkaki satu, dan Hero yang sakit mental hobinya melukai diri sendiri. [email protected] saling menyembuhkan ‘luka’ dengan unsur patriotisme dan politik didalamnya. Moreland bukan lelaki bajingan sehingga rasanya jadi kontradiktif saat diceritakan dia sebagai penulis buku “Bagaimana Menghindari Skandal”. Penul Premis yang ditawarkan dalam HR ini berbeda dengan biasanya.

Moreland dengan love is give and give dan Zosia yang berusaha me bukan menghakimi. Semoga gramedia digital mau menerbitkan ebook seri lain penulis [email protected]

These are a few of the hard lessons that both Tristan Hargrove, Fourth Marquis of Moreland and Countess [email protected] Kwiatkowska must learn before they can honestly give their hearts to one another. Admittedly, Zosia seems to have an easier time en going with flow where Hargrove is concerned with the changes she causes in his life. Take whatever you thought you knew about all the basic elements of a typical Regency romance and toss at least sixty percent of it out the window.


Marvelle penned in this last installment. Let me also suggest you read the letter to the reader by Ms. She livfo embraced her heritage with pride and you experience that nationalism within this story. There is Polish history woven into the plot along with her imagination of how Poland and Russia could have been connected by royal blood.

El escándalo perfecto (Scandal, #3) by Delilah Marvelle (5 star ratings)

I felt that underlying story arc was completely plausible and well thought out. As with the first two books, each chapter is introduced by a passage from the ladies etiquette book How To Avoid A Scandal. Where this book differs substantially, you are given parts of the original manuscript including editing marks. They are incredibly funny when taken in context with the rest of the excerpt and as well as revealing of the true personality of the author of the book.

Marvelle never fails to create characters that are full of passion and wit. Tristan and Zosia are not exception. Marvelle gave him his own book. The way she gets under his tightly organized skin is so funny I found myself laughing out loud more than once and looking forward to each encounter.

This has been a terrific trilogy to be able to read and I highly recommend all three books in the series. Tristan Adam Hargrove, the fourth Marquis of Moreland wanted a respectable wife desperately. He was looking for companionship, love perhaps but also someone to accept him despite the scars he carried inside himself and upon his body.

A Era do Escândalo

He never wanted a scandal or to even be near any sort of gossip, which is why he wrote the book on proper behavior for pity sake. Zosia is stunningly beautiful, full of life and so sure of herself despite her physical handicap and being a Catholic in banished to a country foreign to her. She speaks her mind and acts upon her desires and setting her sights upon Tristan makes him feel like a conquering hero. Zosia wants everything that Tristan desires in a marriage but includes a minor codicil which is to continue her fight for the freedom of her homeland of Poland.

She sees in Tristan the makings of a husband who is passionate, very personable and politically connected even though he may have a bit too many rules for her liking. But the secrets about Zosia are not ones she is keeping but ones others are keeping from her and they are life altering. It appears she has royal blood flowing through her veins but not of the country she supports but the one she is fighting against, Russia. Tristan knows troubled when he sees it and with Zosia fighting so many battles is there time in her life for him and his need for some semblance of order?

Tristan is trying to save Zosia and the adventure they take together spans the globe and devise the nay sayers to try and stop their love and ability to conquer all. Delilah Marvelle always gives her romance a touch of historical intrigue which is why I love her books.

She takes events that have historically happened and places two people right in the middle of the action and the reader sees how things were in a different time and place. Tristan and Zosia are both people with a past but together they are able to soothe away the scars left by the bad memories to create a relationship that has new memories with a happy ending.


The book starts with a letter to the reader, we learn about Ms. Marvelle’s personal history in which she was raised in a Polish household and was part of her country’s history without her knowing it. She has always wished for a Polish heroine in a historical romance, so she wrote one.

That being said, this book puts the “historical” in historical romance. In this book we finally get to hear the story of the man who wrote the infamous How to Avoid a Scandal which has been featured throughout the The book starts with a letter to the reader, we learn about Ms.

In this book we finally get to hear the story of the man who wrote the infamous How to Avoid a Scandal which has been featured throughout the Scandal Series. Some readers may recognize him While he tries to keep himself busy and avoid scandal while repressing his urge to hurt himself by way of cutting, he meets his new neighbor Zosia.

She is one of the most interesting characters I have ever read. She is ‘disabled’ and quite the patriotic who is willing to do anything to help her country and its people. She has set her eyes on him for marriage thinking he can help her cause with his political platform. She is direct, charming, and very intelligent. Their first conversations is held at her window, at night, and she lets him know of her plans while insinuating many things a young “lady” shouldn’t even think of. She was a real hoot, and a lot of fun to read.

While she is funny, she also has a painful past that includes an amputation of one of her legs. Little does she know that her true past holds a lot more secrets than she could imagine. These two are perfectly suited for one another, they both carry scars of their past and while one struggles physically the other struggles mentally.

I cheered Moreland on and wished for his happiness more than anything else, but will Zosia’s situation as the King’s protege hamper their love? There is A LOT going on in this book. A reclusive grandmother who belongs on hoarders.

A political marriage vs a love one vs a marriage that fulfills the political part but is also built on mutual respect and affection and will bloom into love. This might have been a more affective book if it chose one or two of these and went with it. I am pleased that the heroine finds out about the hero’s kinks and is intrigued by them, even though she doesn’t really share them. I would love to see more of that in romance non-erotic romance, at least.

O Assassinato De Roger Ackroyd Agatha Christie

That was definitely something I would have liked to see explored more and I am disappointed that it wasn’t because of the politics of the story taking over. It definitely could be better. I don’t expect this to be a five star read for everyone, the way it was for me. It just hit so many of [email protected] YES buttons that I had to love it. In a regency romance!