Free instruction manuals and owners manuals in pdf for your products Multifunctions Lexmark-X Lexmark X73 Scan Print Copy. Extracted From Service Manual inconsistent with local law: LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL, INC. PROVIDES THIS. Lexmark X73 Printer Service Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Lexmark may use or distribute any of the information you supply c73 any way manjal believes appropriate without Scanning incurring any obligation to you. You can scan, Copying print, and copy documents using the printer operator panel and the printer software. Load or eject a sheet of paper from the printer. Copy an image in color.

Copy an image in black and white. Scan an image or document and send as a fax. Turn your printer on or off. Set the number of copies to print, from 1 to Scroll and select the size of your output.

Crop the image during scanning. When you want to: Adjust the properties of the scanned image. Change how or where images are scanned. Set the scan frame position and manal.

Set Printer Properties or choose your fax driver. Change settings related to e-mail operations. Programs Lexmark X73 www. Basics Loading the paper Place the paper against the right side of the paper support with the print side facing Copying you. Do not force the manuxl into the printer. Basics Squeeze the release tab and slide the paper guide to the right until it rests against the edge of the paper.

Basics Replacing the cartridges The Lexmark X73 uses the following cartridges: Open the cartridge door.

Lexmark X73 4402-001 Manuals

Troubleshooting Appendix The cartridge carrier moves maual the loading position, unless the printer is busy. Copying Printing Scanning Install the new or replacement cartridge in the printer.

Troubleshooting Appendix Index If you are installing a new cartridge, remove only the sticker and transparent tape on the bottom of the cartridge. Push back firmly on the cartridge until it snaps securely into place. Do not touch the gold contact area of the cartridge. Make sure paper is loaded. An alignment page prints. You are prompted to enter Scanning numbers related manusl the patterns that print.


For help, see the next section. Aligning the cartridges Troubleshooting To improve the print quality, you may need to align the cartridges. In the Align Cartridges dialog box, enter the numbers you selected on the test page.

Index After you have entered a number for all of the patterns, click OK. For help, see page 8. Printing with only one of the print cartridges in the printer may cause printer problems.

Lexmark does not recommend use of refilled cartridges. Refilling cartridges can affect print quality and cause damage to the printer. Basics Copying The following section includes information about: You can make additional changes to your document before copying. Select OK to copy. Poster Original Prints an image on multiple pages. Clone 2 images 3 images Prints several copies of one image on the same page.

Enlarges an image to fit a full page. Collate Prints multiple copies of a multi-page document so pages 1 through 3 of copy one print, pages 1 through 3 of copy two print, and so on. Printing Scanning Arrange the pages so that every trimmed edge overlaps an untrimmed edge the white edge.

Troubleshooting Tape the back of the pages together. To complete your poster, trim any remaining white edges. Place the seed packet face down on the scanner bed in the Index bottom, right corner. Close the top cover. Programs Lexmark X73 Note: If you would like to use the images outdoors, you may want to laminate them. Select the Color button. Click the Copy button. Place your document face down on the scanner bed in the bottom, right corner. Scanning Press Color Copy to make a transparency in color.

Press Black Copy to make a transparency in black. Troubleshooting Appendix Index www.

LEXMARK X73 Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Basics Printing The following section includes information about: Appendix Open Printer Properties or Printing Preferences from an application to change printer settings only for the documents in the application you are creating.

Open the application File menu. Index Choose Print or Printer Setup. The first page will be on top of the stack in the paper exit tray. Click the Help button on any tab in the Printer Properties to access the printer driver Help. Click the Help button on any tab in the Printer Preferences to access the printer driver Help. Set color profiles for the printer.


Many applications are designed to override the envelope settings in Printer Properties or Printing Preferences. Paper Select the appropriate Paper Size setting.

Lexmark X73 4402-001 user manual

When printing transparencies, remove each transparency as it exits the printer and allow it to dry before stacking. Click the Paper tab to select the page size and orientation. Click the Job Finishing tab to select Two-sided printing.

Select a binding edge. To print paper reloading instructions, select Print reloading instructions after the first side prints. Customize Printer Properties for handouts.

Lexmark X73 – X 73 Color Inkjet Manuals

Appendix Index Open Printer Properties. For help, see page Click the Paper tab to select the page orientation and document size. Click the Job Finishing tab and select: To print your handout on both sides of the paper: From the application File menu, select Print. From the Print dialog box, click OK. A bundle is any number of sheets of paper folded together. When printing with a heavier paper stock, select a smaller number of Sheets per Bundle.

Select the option on the screen that prints reloading instructions. After the first side of your booklet prints, the software prompts you to reload the paper. For help reloading and printing two-sided documents, see page To return to normal printing, see page Select the mirror option.

Scanning Follow the instructions of the iron-on transfer packaging. Troubleshooting Appendix Index Note: You can also personalize pillowcases, tote bags, or other items suitable for iron-on transfers.

Quality for your document. From the Paper tab, select the Paper Size and orientation for your document. You may want to print your award or certificate on card stock. Scanning From the Paper tab, select the Paper Size and orientation for your document.

Create or select the image of your choice scanned photo, clip art, scanned images, or objects in an image editor program. Appendix Print the image.

Fit the image to the specified object, cutting away any excess. Index Attach the image to the specified object.