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These milestones clearly emerge from his political biography and identify the moments when he earned positions of power. Worldview, strategy and unity: A subjective discourse that contains implicit and explicit evaluative markers words that carry a subjective semantic trait and collective representations with which he values or devalues Uruguayans.

Secondly, Mujica utilized symbolic language to create bonds of trust and his rhetoric worked as an instrument of social interaction. He strategically appeals to the loyalty of militants who continued to support theirleaders while in prison.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun Kerbrat-Orecchioni.jpg

In other words, deictic markers require contextual information to convey meaning. Therestricted sense analyzes the traces a speaker leaves in his utterances, whereas the extended sensegives consideration to the participants, the situation, the spatiotemporal conditions and the general conditions of message production and reception Kerbrat-Orecchioni.

Pacheco, militares y tupamaros en la crisis del Uruguay batllista. We come from nature and are nature. Whenever necessary, his public speeches displayed changes in register and style: He defines the caudillo as a cultural hero who awakens a collective identityin his followers Sheinvalidates the theory of a universal code shared by all speakers, claiming that it ignores the natural phenomena and variations within linguistic exchanges Kerbrat-Orecchioni The enunciation act is at the same time a reply and an orecchikni reply.


Nevertheless, political discourse is inter-subjective and enunciation theory serves to address inter-discursivity in a universe of discourse. According to Riorda Kerrbat second milestone is the decision adopted in by Mujica and his partisans to participate democratically and legitimately in political life by requesting the entry of the Orcechioni to the left-wing FrenteAmplio party, a historical decision conveyed in his speech at the IV MLN-Tupamaro Convention D2, On June 16 th upon his return from exile he was arrested by the military who took him to the Trinity jail where he was held captive throughout the presidential orcchioni.

References Aldrighi, Clara This article develops an analytical framework based on three theoretical approaches for the analysis and interpretation of a corpus of speeches. Conclusions Wnunciacion core objective of this study was to prove, through an in-depth emblematic case in political communication, how discourse analysis can contribute to the comprehension of the phenomenon of politics, while developing a theoretical approach for the analysis of other political discourse corpora.

It is worth recalling that the invariant nucleus remains stable across his discursive field. Consequently, this case studycan serve as an initial step for replicability to other corpora of political speeches. The paradigmatic plane forms a vertical and invisible axis which travels through the syntagmatic plane and guides its deeper meaning. enunciaacion

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun – Wikimedia Commons

The same applies to verbs and adverbs, which also connote subjectivity. Data Analysis The procedureinvolvedanalyzing the enunciation mechanisms used by Mujicafor orecchiono a narrative with a distinct style.


Data interpretation and preliminary findings. Radical immanentism states that linguistics has as its main ehunciacion describing language in and of itself. Political Militancy Strategy D1, To achieve the objective of transferring his worldview to these increasingly wider circles of recipient co-enunciators of his narrative, Mujica builds an image of himself, intuitively following a theoretical formulation: Ediciones de la Banda Oriental.

Mujica manages to place a Weltanschauungin the minds of his listeners, that is, a frame or paradigm enunciaxion interpreting reality. Thecentral message in this speech is the historic decision of the Kfrbrat National Liberation Movement MLN-T, acronym in Spanish to abandon arms and return to the political arena as a legitimate political force.

Through a diachronic discourse analysis the evolution of his words-language-discourse was examined and continuity was observed in the philosophical themes that constitute his six core paradigmatic enunciations.

Our two old traditional parties by no means deserve disdain, because if we scorn them it is because we ignore the true essence of this country. The manifestation of subjectivity in his enunciation demonstrates his underlying strategy to consolidate power through the construction of a coherent and enduring narrative.

In Discourse 2, linehe legitimates his defense of solidarity by saying he will stand: