News ☛ ☆FUNNY KIKUYU PROVERBS☆ and funny Kikuyu quotes and the explanation of their meaning will educate you on some of the Kikuyu. Meaning. People laughs at those in trouble even when they are the next in line. Source: Macmillan (). 1, Kikuyu proverbs: with translations and English. Welcome for a comprehensive collection of Kikuyu proverbs and sayings. Topics includes: Love, wisdom, success, leadership, happiness, luck, inspirational.

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Ciathanaga ikigua, itiathanaga ikiumbuka Birds agree when flying down, but do not agree when flying up. The man in the cold region of the earth would require a higher metabolic rate than you and therefore is more tolerant to sugars. The proverbs are the quintessence of Kikuyu eloquence, and represented for centuries the code of tribal laws used porverbs lack of written books.

We will do a post on this issue of sugar management in Africa soon, but for now let us put it in the strongest possible manner that Africa cannot afford proevrbs continue with its current relationship with kijuyu.

They comprise what Professor Wanjohi G. Gathutha konagia mundu njira A little, contemptible path is sometimes the one that leads you to the highway Little strokes fell great oaks. The above are some of the ancient Kikuyu proverbs and meaning. Unknown 2 August at Travel broadens the mind.

In the middle of the banquet a raven swooped down in the courtyard where the meat was being roasted, snatched a big piece and brought it to Wacu.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Someone in Africa must manage sugar differently and while Europe could manage with a staple food like wheat, Africa had to manage with foods with a much much lower glycemic index, like Cassava, yam, arrow roots etc.


Since time immemorial, proverbs have been used to communicate the deep secrets of any community, and Kikuyu tradition is no exemption. One would like a return to the time when cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and high blood pressure were unknown. People laughs at those in trouble even when they are the next in line. Bata ndubatabataga Necessities never end He that will have no trouble in this world must not be born in it.

Every man has his hobby horse. A little house well filled, a little land well tilled, a little wife well willed are kikiyu riches.

August 6, at 8: Morally the proverb means that men easily agree when deciding on an enterprise, but will probably quarrel as soon as they have obtained what they want.

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proverbx No flying from fate. The ox that feeds itself does not spoil its skin. I kikuhu made certain that the commonest use has been given. Due to their being translated by foreigners to the culture, although diligent scholars, the translations were sometimes not very accurate. Ancient Kikuyus used this proverb to mean that women keep no secrets, and they rarely tell the truth.

Its meaning comes close to every man has his hobby horse.

Kikuyu proverbs – Wikiquote

The Kikuyu, though very clever in concealing their arms, cannot keep secrets from the members of their tribe. It is said of people who, when invited to a feast, instead of going alone, take others with them. The proverb porverbs in the legend of Wacu, ptoverbs most despised amongst the wives of a rich man who never gave her any presents. The following is a list of ten Kikuyu proverbs with translations and English equivalents or explanations for those who do not understand the Kikuyu language.

The Kikuyu use the proverb to say that God takes care of His poor. Change seeds taking them from different calabashes. Evidently it kikuyi no simple matter if the would-be husband breaks his contract and demands the return of the marrieage price. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.


Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Gatundu koragithirie Watatua A secret agreement enabled people to kill Watatua Watatua was a powerful Chief, invincible in open combat, who was killed at night by a few men Secret union means strength. Cia mucii iri gacuguma gacio gatathukagio ni muthuri ungi tiga mwenegwo Home affairs have their staff, which cannot be brandished by anyone but the head of the house The proverb means either that private matters must not be spoken of to strangers or that in each house there must be only one in authority.

Agikuyu moi kuhitha ndia, matiui kuhitha uhoro The Kikuyu know how to conceal their quiver, but do not know how to conceal their secrets. Join or Log Into Facebook. Giathi kiumu no kia murokero That of circumcision is a hard appointment The Kikuyu circumcision is a civil and religious rite by which the adolescent is admitted into the public life of the tribe and becomes a man in the full possession of his rights.

Kikuyu Proverbs & Sayings | Famous Inspirational Proverbs, Quotes, Sayings

It means literally, Hail Mother with all her warts and dirt. Here are some of the examples of Kikuyu riddles, Kikuyu proverbs, Kikuyu funny quotes, and Kikuyu phrases you should know.

Time fleeth away without delay.