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Has anyone purchased this and can you give me the thumbs up thumbs down, expensive for something that could be achieved in seven. Ken Dyne – Whisper – hello, your order is download magic product, send via email please tell me your email address if you accept best wishes. Saving money on events could mean the difference between going ahead and cancelling. Particularly relevant in today’s climate, Kennedy has distilled his life’s .

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Jun 16, I now have this gem complete with personal message and autograph and have performed which resulted in the mental demolition of the audience including the guy who did the mind reading! Nothing repetitive here, each idea is poles apart from each other ahisper. A high price but understandably so for the method and the content! Click here to view attached image. SDP is an open-handed utility tool that conjurers will use to great advantage when creating new effects in the years to come.

Seen this in action and have to agree – whispeg deceptive and impressive! As with all DR it seems to be best suited for stage performance.

The Mati Envelope A brandnew peek device for the working mentalist! Chance’s Token Tarot cards in a scenic piece of mystery Jun 20, D’ya think wee Kennedy keeps it all, or is he sharing it with the other guys?

PDF Ebook Whisper by Ken Dyne (Download)

You can purchase my works at: It’s still less than the fee for one gig. It is a mighty powerful effect. I tried this out at my last gig and had several people come up to me after the show to ask how this was possible. We fall for everything My gf has saved me from buying stuff by looking me in the eye and telling me “Pete don’t me a f”””ing fool” In saying that I did buy the mini mindbuster but to be fair she was out with the girls that night! Imagine making 30, grand for a book aimed at “mindreaders” Fair play and good luck to him!

Next time your about to press that “pay now” button just hold a mirror up and ask yourself “Am I being a! I think Kennedy is a chancer But as they say in the Mentalism community there is one born every five seconds. Which is probably closer to the real price. This is too funny but I bet some eyne bite I’l make a fortune on ebay. For The Serious Mentalist.

Gotta agree with Pete here. I was about to drop some serious coin on a peek device. I sat back and thought to myself, what are you doing!? So I grabbed a stack of blank biz cards, wrote a word on one, placed it into my stack of biz cards, controlled it to the bottom, got my kne and dne rest is as they say I am starting to feel that simple is better and usually cheaper.


My work is now centered around blank biz cards.

Words, drawings, objects, numbers, colors, etc. Keep in mind that price and limited distribution also plays a role in keeping certain prodcuts and effects out of the hands of the masses.

I think that is the case with MD. Great effect but the price keeps it out of every teenager who wants to be a mentalist. I much rather pay a little too much for a quality product with limited distribution, then pay a bargain price for a so so effect that everyone and their brother can get.

Hey lads, excuse my typo’s in the above post “30, grand” I am having yet another slow day Kinesis, I know what you’re saying but I’ve had the same reaction with Brehaut, I soooo disagree with what your saying and the attitude that surrounds it. Sorry, but it’s simply never been a part of my world. I am always thrilled and honoured to help out younger guys and all genuine newbies to mentalism.

I reckon I’ve mentored over a dozen who squeeze a living and never charged them a buck. And they’ve all paid me back in kind. And you use the word: If you don’t get that then you’ll never ydne anything!!!

God Pete but you just made me and my missus scream with laughter when I read out your post to her. We’ve absoloooootely been there! I have to say I have to agree with Bobster on this xyne, slightly biased being a teenager!

Colin Mcleod showed me Whisper in action the other week and it was brilliant no idea how it was done! I’d happily pay that price if I knew it was not a DR effect.

Sadly it is, and so will always fall short when whisler comes to close-up work. Until I know the method I cannot say whether its good or bad; but I imagine I’d be highly dissapointed, its the nature of such DR.

Etienne Pradier LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

One good thing I will certainly say though is that its got a great ad video. Very clear and simple, I want more of that in mentalism and magic. Does anyone else find the term “Special User” to be a bit condescending? Each to their own as the saying dnye. For me it just isn’t worth it yet I have invested a huge amount of money in this book. As I mentioned in the post that started the thread, expensive but worth it, Whispr have had great results with this effect as I have with Johnathan Pickards ‘Transmission’ but Whisper adds the possibility of whispsr to my performance.

It’s a pity that there are people posting about the price without mentioning any thoughts of what the product holds or lacks wuisper a performance piece. It’s very annoying to see Ken described as a ‘chancer’, this is the guy who has helped me with performance tips and ideas as well as doing the same for several friends of mine.


As with all effects it’s performance and making it believable for me.

Ken dyne’s Whisper? – The Genii Forum

Those who have it, carry on enjoying it and reap the benefits of performing it and to those thinking of buying it, go for it, you won’t be disappointed. Is it worth the money? Christopher Taylor Member P. Is it justified to priced it as high as Jerome Finley’s material??? If Ken Dyne book is worth it Nicolino Inner circle Posts.

As with all Wyisper it seems to be best suited for stage performance The Mati Envelope A brandnew peek device for the working mentalist! Bob Burns is the creator of The Swan. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the price tag. Pete Legend Inner circle Ireland Posts. Aaron E Special user Posts. Euan4 Regular user Scotland Posts. Euan Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver. Thomas Cooper Special user Posts. While it may be a wonderful effect, and as kinesis said, less then the cost of a gig, I must ask whisoer question why?

That said, it’s a free market, and the wonderful thing about it is that if you don’t want syne, don’t buy it, someone else probably will.

British Columbia Kn Posts. Christopher Christopher Taylor Member P. I think Young Ken is slowly becoming a really dyen marketer more than anything else Hes still a chancer though but that’s a good thing. Bobser–we don’t all have a right to learn each and every effect we want. We do have the opportunity.

By pricing it pounds, most not all who buy it will have thought it through and make an effort to do justice to the effect not all–most. If you price something for the “masses”, you will certainly have a number of people purchase the effect to just learn the secret and also some perform it horribly and some will perform it well. I have no problem and certainly understand why I performer would price a secret high enough to try and ensure that their secret remains exclusive.

The bottom line is it is not easy to make money in mentalism. If someone can sell out books at pounds–more power to him. Stefmagic Special user Posts. This page was created in 0.