Analysis and exposition of the causes and the possible remedies for the present state of restlessness prevailing in the world. Kalki, Or, The Future of Civilization. Front Cover. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Hind Kitabs Limited, – Civilization – 64 pages. Get this from a library! Kalki, or The future of civilization. [Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan].

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It seems as if he is predicting all the issues and problems we are facing currently. Now — The Rooted Future. Peter Baofu – – Peter Lang.

We have a long way to go; we need to move towards focusing on the mind and the soul.

This is now glorified as self-expression. Let us remember the words of Dr. Frederick Ferre – They are all selfish and wish to dominate the world. Radhakrishnan, who had great faith in and great affection for the young people of our great nation: Above all, our wants are increasing by the day and so is our work.

After the satisfaction of our tne basic needs, we must devote time to leisure, to enjoy our work and our lives. It is only a minority who belongs to the third category, and considers religion as a means to improve the world.

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We have no leisure, no time to enjoy the pleasures of nature or home, no time to spend with and for ourselves and our dear ones, no concentration, no wisdom and no peace. Democracy is actually dictatorship. In Marriage, the final goal should be spiritual bliss and satisfaction.

Religion teaches that suffering and sacrifice are not a curse; they cuture a challenge, a means to get more and truer joy out of life. Much has been said and written about Dr. Our modern inventions have reduced the impact of physical distances, but have not been able to bring together our hearts and minds.


Marriage calls for fiture and must never be approached lightly. We are still a young civilization in this vast and timeless universe and we need to honestly identify and rectify our errors.

This article has no associated abstract. The ideas in this volume can act as a guiding force to us in these difficult times. Bythe average age of India will be 29 and we will have the largest tue population in the world.

Baranski – – Christopher Pub. In Politics, democracy to be successful must have minimum governance. In the age of mass production and monotonous routine jobs, we are reduced to machines; there is no scope for creativity and happiness in work.

Kalki: Or, The Future of Civilization – Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan – Google Books

It is not the really capable men who become our rulers. Kalki, or the Future of Civilization. For them there is no God, no escape, no futurre or virtue, only the cold darkness of death. Radhakrishnan wrote the book decades ago, but it seems especially relevant to the present times when we face a crisis of values in every sphere.

It is also important to accept all the various ways in which people have been seeking God over the futufe. History of Western Philosophy. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart.

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan — scholar and teacher par excellence, world renowned philosopher, and the former President of India. The soul of all improvement, it has been rightly said, is the improvement of the soul….


The Paths of Civilization: Those who become our rulers are ultimately slaves of the rich and the powerful. The Future of Human Civilization.

The Value Basics of Coming Civilization. The author says that democracy is not a very ideal form of government because it is wrongly practiced. No categories specified categorize this paper. Andrew Targowski – – Dialogue and Universalism thhe The extreme selfishness of man has made religion ineffectual.

Kalki Or The Future Of Civilization S. Radhakrishnan

We need to realize kalmi science and religion are not enemies. Radhakrishnan tells us that what we are facing today is civikization periodic crisis in human civilization.

We are all still focusing on and trying to satisfy the animal instincts within ourselves. This will stop wars in the name of religion. Such an attitude will increase our faith in spirituality and grant peace to the globe.

Radhakrishnan turns to Economy. As far as Family Life is concerned, Radhakrishnan says that the changing economic situations, lack of proper moral and sexual education and advances in science have transformed marriage from a holy sacrament to a mere trial contract. He says that orr nation is genuine. Request removal from index.

Industrialization has resulted in lot of wealth for a few and had made our lives easier. Coming to Religion, he says that, removing religion from human life will not solve the problem. It is concerned more with the world and its power than with the soul and its perfection….