José de la Riva Agüero y Osma (b. 26 February ; d. 26 October ), Peruvian historian, literary scholar, and politician. Born in Lima, Riva Agüero. Politician, lawyer and Peruvian researcher born in Lima in and died in his hometown in After completing secondary studies, he ente. I.E “José de la Riva Aguero y Osma”, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru. 9 likes. Colegio con la meta de ser unos de los mejores colegios del Perú.

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José de la Riva Agüero | Revolvy

While at San Marcos, he gained a reputation for academic excellence and political activismand was part of the so-called Generation of He received a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Doctorate degree in human sciences in andrespectively, and a Bachelor of Arts in law in Eventually, he became a lecturer of history of Peru at San Marcos in This event was the first confrontation between university students and police forces in riiva history of Peru.

A few days after his imprisonment, he was released due to political pressure and the Minister resigned df his office. In Junehe was elected as Director of the Institute of History at University of San Marcos, but resigned after just one month due to differences with the student government. As Mayor, he especially patronize cultural activities, but also had to deal with the telephone strike.

Benavides President of the Republic. He appointed Commander A. He became strongly anti-Semitic and soon took to praising Adolf Hitlerlosing him osm support. While at San Marcos, he gained a reputation for academic excellence and political activism, and was part of the so-called Generation of He rova a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Doctorate degree in human sciences in andresp While spelled alike, this name is pronounced differently in each language: In England, Jose is originally a Romano-Celtic surname, and people with this family name can usually be found in, or agjero to, the English county of Cornwall, where it was especially frequent during He ran unsuccessfully against Alberto Fujimori for President of Peru in and following Fujimori’s resignation over corruption charges, he was Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs from November until July In Septemberhe stepped down from his position as Peru’s Ambassador to France, where he formerly resided.


Retrato de don José de la Riva-Agüero y Osma mayor [fotografía]

He is also a member of the Club de Madrid, a group of more than former Presidents and Prime Ministers of democratic countries, which works to strengthen democracy worldwide.

He studied in Colegi He was a member of the Civilista Party. He was born in Lima, Peru. He graduated from the National University of San Marcos and served on its faculty. He died in Rome, Italy. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard Spanish: J was previously the Prime Minister of Peru from to His administration ended on 23 Aguerpfollowing his address to the nation two days earlier, announcing his resignation.

Kuczynski’s parents fled from Germany after Nazis joze to power. Kuczynski worked in the United States before entering Peruvian politics.


Fascism in South America is an assortment of political parties and movements modelled on fascism. Although originating and primarily associated with Europe, the ideology crossed the Atlantic Ocean between the world wars and had an influence on South American politics. Although the ideas of Falangism probably had the deepest impact in South America, largely due to Hispanidad, more generic fascism was also an important factor in regional politics.

Argentina During the s former socialist Leopoldo Lugones became a supporter of fascism and from this basis a coterie of pro-fascist intellectuals grew. He served as Manuel A. He was promoted to Major General i This is a list of heads of state, heads of governments, and other rulers in the year He was the mayor of Lima from to and the prime minister of Peru from 7 December to 12 October This is a partial listing of prominent political families.

Royal families are not included, unless certain later descendants have played political roles in a republican structure e. Osmw “Jose Chang named new Peruvian prime minister”. Andina – Peru News Agency. Archived from the original on 24 July A historic member of the Peruvian Aprista Party, he became a Senator and member of two Constitutional Assemblies, in which the rriva one —he joe the Vice-Presidency of the Assembly and the Presidency of the Constitution Committee.

In Congress he served as President of the Senate two non consecutive times —; — The figure of Luis Alberto Sanchez, who was born at Lima incovers most of the century. Rey de Castro was born in Arequipa, Peru. He was lsma to the Lq Chamber of Deputies for the period of Onhe presided over the celebrations concerning the centenary of the birth of Haya de la Torre.

Riva Agüero y Osma, José de la (1885–1944)

She served as Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism from [1] to July ,[2] after which she was appointed Peru’s finance minister. She attended to St. She is also professor at the Diplomatic January 2 — WWII: January 8 — WWII: Philippine Commonwealth troops enter the province of Ilocos Sur in northern Luzon and attack Japanese forces. January 11 President of the United Sta Merino served as Prime Minister from 23 June to 15 December Merino served as the national ombudsman for Peru from 29 September to 30 Marcha position also known as the defender of the people.

Beatriz Merino Lucero became the Prime Minister of Peru inthe highest political rank ever held by a woman in the history of Peru. She graduated from Harvard University with a master’s degree in law, becoming the first P He gained notice in his work for Catholic Church in Peru and received the title commander from the Holy See in This relates to his time as Health Minister in that he opposed abortion and introduced a Day of the Unborn.

Profiles of People in Power: The World’s Government Leaders.

José de la Riva Agüero

Christina Ewig March Peruvian Democracy Past and Present. School of Advanced Study.

He was born in Trujillo, Peru. He served as Ambassador of Peru to Spain and Chile. He was promoted to brigadier general in and major general in He was simultaneously minister of war in the Government of Peru.


Unable to control the political and economic troubles that the nation faced, he was forced to return power to civilian rule, marking the end of the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces, installed by a coup d’etat on October 3, At age 97, he is currently the oldest living former Peruvian president.

He received most of his education at Lima’s Colegio Inmaculada.

He was sworn in as Prime Minister by President Ollanta Humala on 31 Octoberand is affiliated with centre-left parties. Notes “Peru PM Jimenez resigns, more cabinet changes pending”. Retrieved 1 November His only legitimate sibling was his older brother Ing. Pedro Villanueva del Campo Portal. Villanueva spent most of his early life in different prisons for his political activities.

Between the s and s Vil The following is a list of Lima’s mayors through the 20th and 21st centuries. He worked for former President Alberto Fujimori, and was elected several times under his party. After he was in disgrace he passed to the opposition party. He was defeated, a Paniagua claimed his position as Interim President of Peru. The President of the Council of Ministers of Peru, informally called “Premier” form of address or “Prime Minister”, heads the Council of Ministers, and is appointed by the President pending ratification by Congress as with all members of the Council.

The Prime Minister of Peru is, however, not the head of government, since in Peru the President is the one who serves as the actual head of government. Peru is one of the few countries in Latin America others are Argentina, Cuba and Haiti where the position of prime minister currently exists. Reform Recently, the role of the prime minister has been debated, and whether it should be strengthened.

Such reforms would enable the prime minister to become the effective head of government, similarly to what happens in countries like France and Russia. List of Prime Ministers of Peru Career After graduation, he qualified for ayuero bar. He is a human rights lawyer. He was appointed prime minister following the presidential election won by Ollanta Humala. Later he attended post-gradual courses at the Monterrey Rvia of Technology in Mexico, inand at the Technion Institute in Haifa, Israel, in As a student, he joined politics and became the chairman of the students’ wing g the social-democratic APRA party.

In his career, he has served in the now abolished Peruvian Chamber of Deputies, in the Peruvian Congress of the Republic, and as mayor of Lima and Barranco. Inhe was elected Mayor of the same district. He rose to political prominence after bein During his political career, Mr.

Joy Way has been honored with several Recognition’s and Official con-decorations.

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