In this extensive work, John Yarker attempts to trace the history of Masonry and Masonic rites through history, proving its legitimacy through seniority and the. Buy THE ARCANE SCHOOLS OF FREEMASONRY by JOHN YARKER (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details. JOHN YARKER. THE ARCANE SCHOOLS. J YARKER. P.M., P.Z., , P.P., etc., Past Senior Grand Warden of Greece; Hon. Grand Master.

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Return to Orders of the Lion and Eagle.


John Yarker — was born in Swindale Shap, Westmoreland. At an early johhn, he and his family relocated to Lancashire then Manchester, where he would live out the rest of his life.

He was interested in Freemasonry in all its forms from an early age. His first book was dedicated to his Templar encampment: Notes on the Orders of the Temple and St. John and the Jerusalem Encampment, Manchester In the archives of the Jerusalem Conclave, Yarker found the relics of a forgotten history of Freemasonry, including records of rituals long since abandoned or forgotten. This precipitated his lifelong obsession with Masonic archaeology.

He became a prolific writer of books, schoola with articles, notices and letters to Masonic—and, as we shall see, occult—journals.

All of this earned him a reputation not only as one of the most learned historians of Masonry, but also as one of the most opinionated.

The Arcane Schools

While his friends embraced his encyclopedic knowledge, his detractors found him abrasive and credulous. Because most high degree rites were compilations of older, independent ceremonies, Yarker concluded that these rites had no basis arcanr claiming exclusivity over their constituent rituals: The AAR considered this to be a spurious version of their rite, and warned their members to steer clear of it under threat of expulsion.


In the end, the Ancient and Primitive Rite was never a threat to the AAR, and subsisted through the dues payments of a small cadre of dedicated members with Yarker making up the difference out of his yarmer pocket. He joined the scholarly and prestigious Quatuor Coronati correspondence circle in May as member number 77; he scbools remain a member, and contribute regularly to its journal, Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, for the rest of his life.

Like many of his colleagues, Yarker was also interested in occultism. Cummings confirms this, recalling that. Apparently he took everything of an occult or mystical nature for his province and ran the entire gamut.

These esoteric interests included Theosophy: At the suggestion of their mutual acquaintance Charles Southeran —Yarker reciprocated by bestowing honorary Masonic degrees upon Blavatsky in both Sat Bhai and Adoptive Masonry. He was also an early contributor to The Yarkerr. Ever the experimenter, he also found spiritual enlightenment in the experience of smoking marijuana:.

It put me into a peculiar dreaming state and I felt myself at one with the Joh Mind and whatever subject I thought of passed from the particular to the general.

John Yarker

If I thought upon the relation existing between Man and Woman, I beheld myself a portion of the Masculine energy of nature. When Theodor Reuss and colleagues began collecting authority to establish the Academia Masonica that would become Ordo Templi Orientis, most of their charters came from John Yarker: The press reception was lukewarm and his publisher reported slow sales.

Yarker was therefore pleasantly surprised and struck up a correspondence when Aleister Crowley wrote in The Equinox.

He seems to have examined and quoted every document that ever existed. Accordingly, we must give him the highest praise, for he has made the best possible out of that was nearly the worst possible. He has abundantly proved his main point, the true antiquity of some Masonic system. The correspondence would xchools to be fateful for both men. For Yarker, it offered an opportunity schols publish book reviews arcan The Equinox and to find a young man eager to carry on the work that he had shepherded for so long.


During this time, Yarker schooled Crowley in the politics of running a high degree rite of esoteric Masonry without running afoul of the United Grand Lodge of England. This education included the importance of dues in a membership organization. What is bought cheap is valued at the same price. Crowley found the rituals to be unwieldy and unworkable, and evidently the Grand Hierophant agreed: I took the book out to the Sahara and read it.

I had only one or two other books with me. Forwards and backwards, for months on end.

Who is going to commit to memory all these egregarious discourses in present day conditions? So I fished out the very sparse plums and put the whole of Masonry and super-Masonry in the rituals of O.

The system is very simple. The speeches are short and specially written so as to make it all easy to memorize.

John Yarker died of senile decay, fibroid phthisis, and cardiac failure on March 20, Oriflamme, Oct9—20 and Oriflamme, Jan9 1: Quoted in Kaczynski, Forgotten Templars, Permanent link to this article: Made with by Graphene Themes.

Toggle navigation US Grand Lodge. Cummings confirms this, recalling that [Yarker] seems to have been familiar with everything that had been written dealing with magic and confesses that he carried out some experiments in practical alchemy without obtaining any definite results.

John and the Jerusalem Encampment, Manchester. Also published as a supplement to Transactions of the Provincial Grand Conclave of Lancashire,33— With an Introductory Essay by J.

Amsterdam, Pierre de Coup, M.

Winter Electoral College Meeting.