by Joël de Rosnay . Let us use the macroscope to direct a new look at nature, society, and man observes in the macroscope the organism that shelters it. May 27, Editions du Seuil, The complete book on a “The Macroscope” by Joël de Rosnay – Old but very good. Mar 30, The Macroscope: A New World of Scientific SystembyJoel de Rosnay.

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It dumps into the environment entropy, or “used” energy. It relies on a model established on the basis of previous analysis. The rise and fall of sea level during the ice ages—due to water tied up in ice sheets and then released during interglacial periods—is roznay a vast millennial tide, and its total area is equivalent to the continent of North America in size.

The macroscope: a new world scientific system – Joël de Rosnay – Google Books

Simulation roenay to be one of the most resourceful tools of the systemic approach. It is found in the cell, in the living organism, in the flame of a candle.

The demographic curve stabilizes in an S curve, typical of growth limited by an outside factor Fig. Dobson, Professor of Geography, University of Kansas We have in our hands a new scientific instrument as powerful as any that have come before it, including the microscope and telescope. Thus the system is capable of self-regulation. The control element is represented by the quantity of food available to each individual Fig.

The Macroscope : Joel de Rosnay :

Paul Gosselin rated it it was ok Feb 25, In the third edition of his popular text Thesaurus Geographicushe proposed the theory of continental drift in no uncertain terms. Homeostatic systems are ultrastable; everything in their internal, structural, and functional organization contributes to the maintenance of the same organization.


To accept this transitory risk is to accept and to want change.

In illustrating a new current of thought, it is often useful to follow a thread. The contribution of the computer rests at a qualitative level. Yet we collectively have never mapped it or agreed on a name for it. One of the advantages of simulation is that it allows the more rapid acquisition of these fundamental mechanisms. Reestablish equilibriums through decentralization.

Before regrouping diversities, we must decide to what limits we should push the process of personalization. A decrease in the food quota per person leads to famine and eventually an increase in mortality. Noting that Neanderthals lived primarily in places that are iodine deficient today, I spent several years investigating iodine in human evolution. All that counts is physical time and reversible phenomena. And here it is possible to illustrate the difference between a positive and a negative feedback loop.

The network is represented in diagrams by lines and dotted lines that link the reservoirs or other variables of the model. Model building involves the construction of a model from data provided by systems analysis.

If the information received at the level of the reservoir indicates that the level is rising, the decision to open the valves wider will allow overflow; if the level is falling, the decision to reduce the outflow will lead to a rapid drying up of the reservoir.

The dynamic behavior of every system, regardless of its complexity, depends in the last analysis on two kinds of variables: Knowing that one can experiment on a model of reality rather macrosvope on reality itself, one can influence the time variable by accelerating very slow phenomena social phenomena, for example or slowing down ultrafast phenomena the impact of a projectile on a surface.


Is geography a science? Edit to localize it to your language. Trivia About Le Macroscope: Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like rsnay book. Birth rosnqy a Global Vision 2. Delays have an important role in the phenomena of amplification or inhibition that are typical of the behavior of complex systems.

The functional aspect concerns process, or the phenomena dependent on time exchange, transfer, flow, growth, evolution ; this is temporal organization. On the other hand, a cell-a complex system-includes a large variety of organized elements in tight interaction with one another.

Joël de Rosnay

Energy and Survival 1. A simulator, which is an interactive physical model, can also be used to give in “real time” the answers to different decisions and reactions of its user.

Its concepts have been shaped in the image of a “solid” conservation of form preservation of volume, effects of force, spatial relations, hardness, solidity. Customers will not rosnaj to wait and will turn to a competitor. The decentralization of the reestablishment of equilibriums is one application of the law of requisite variety.

Le Macroscope: Vers Une Vision Globale (Points ; 80)

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Feedback loops or information loops that play a decisive part in the behavior of a system through integrating the effects of reservoirs, delays, valves, and flows. How to define complexity?