JETHRO TULL Vinyl Lp THICK AS A BRICK Newspaper Cover Reprise Beauty! $ 0 bids. JETHRO TULL and is getting impossible to find in any. Pictures of actual album for sale – excellent condition of newspaper. A work of art ! Some fading and marks (white marks) on outer jewel case. Inner magnificent. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Thick As A Brick on Discogs.

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The 40 minutes the album runs for is pure bliss, everything is perfect about “Thick As A Brick. Record in VG condition. Thick as a Brick is the fifth studio album by the British rock band Jethro Tullreleased in March And so the song presses on going from lyrics sections to jams without ever being boring. Thick as a Brick Fortunately there are great and memorable moments, specially the flute solos and intermezzos.

Library and Archives Canada.

There is an exception to this, of course; near the beginning of the second side there’s an overlong drum solo which, granted, is both very fast and yhick loud, but is still a generic drum soloas well as a blotch of Zappa-style noises, and this kinda puts a crimp on the immaculate momentum the album has built for itself to this point.

Suffice to say, Jethro Tull received a lot of acclaim for their fourth album ‘Aqualung’, with many listeners overanalyzing the record, looking for things that- in Ian Anderson’s opinion- weren’t there to begin with.

On the other hand, this one has Anderson’s marvelous vocals a bit drowned with naive production; or perhaps it’s just his singing in this album that’s not particularly good.

Jethro Tull, Thick As A Brick, 1972 Pressing, with RARE 12-page gatefold fold-out newspaper

Jethro Tull have no such problem. Let’s rull Part 2 of “Thick”. The first five-star Tull studio album. The evidence – TAAB is effectively a single track in which the texture and mood of the music constantly change, as do the time signatures, but without ever sounding contrived or forced.


Thick As A Brick – Jethro Tull

Sharp bursts of bass, drums and guitar intrude, apparently unnoticed by Anderson until the full band surges in and we’re off on 40 minutes of pure fantasy. He does not drive a Hyundai — indeed he has never held a driving licence — calling himself a “professional passenger. Retrieved 21 April I first heard this album 30 odd years ago in my teens and have loved it from that time.

Clearly, something aligned for the band with this release, but I’m afraid it never aligned anywhere near this well at any other point in their career. This is a milestone in the field, a necessary part of every music listeners collection. This album stands out amongst other Jethro Tull albums of the same period. The final moments of part one consist of the jarring riff used to bridge the acoustical introduction to the rest of the song. One of the ‘articles’ contains the lyrics of the music.

Then, I guess, it could have been one or two minutes shorter. Eventually the song ends, rather nicely actually, but I’m left with a discontent feeling. The music is so interesting and exciting and intricate, that you can quite easily listen all the way through and not get bored.

I get the same feeling of the Moonchild song from King Crimson, there’s a line, but too weak to climb up my repertoire. Let’s go over the music in great details. Retrieved 21 May Album plays well, the original sleeve is not included a plain white paper sleeve is provided.

Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick Newspaper Album | Collectors Weekly

The son has not thought for himself, and is now a mirror of his hated father. A perfect dosage of everything was one of the keys why this album gained stardom status. Then the perspective may or may not switch to that of HIS son; it is never specified.

The saddest part of the history is that “Thick As A Brick” first releases had no lyrics attached and like no internet search gear existed then, the majority of non-English listeners had to appreciate exclusively the music; although many swore that the lyrics were plotted in the newspaper-like cover.


I can’t help to wonder what this song would have been like if the CD was invented back then. I miss on newwpaper authenticity and though the voice of Anderson is strong, he does sound a bit dinstanced from the music.

The album should be listened to in its entirety to appreciate the intricate structure and heavy multi-layered instrumentation. Any prog fan needs to check this out to figure out what it is we call ”prog”. Almost everywhere I’ve looked, it’s topping lists of the best prog albums of all time still.

Parritt was convinced he lived past ws as historical characters, and wrote detailed accounts of these lives in his work; he also wrote of fantasy imaginings of lives yet to come. However,it wasn’t until ,when the band strongly established themsleves into the progressive rock era with ”Thick as a brick”.

Whatever Happened to Gerald Bostock? The essential Jethro Tull album. Parritt —entitled “Homo Britanicus Erraticus”. A man is born, he is now conformed to society.

Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick Newspaper Album 1972

Bass, drums, flute, keyboards and vocals all work together to provide a clear focus for the listener. I can’t really complain, though I think overall this nespaper isn’t without flaw, neqspaper still definitely deserves 10 out of 10 because it is so creative, innovative, and well-mastered. The album is full of changing tempos,rhythms,moods and atmospheres,not a boring minute in here and ”Thick as a brick” should certainly be part of any serious rock fan’s collection!

It’s like the song is stalled until after 4 minutes when flute, acoustic guitar and vocals arrive.