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Tarot Spells – Janina Renee – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Tarot Spells by Janina Renee. Llwellyn. /5 – Meh Warnings: None except very slight “negative energy will come back to you”. Has any one read and or used the book, “Tarot Spells” by Janina Renee? I bought it, it was only so I figured what the heck. I just started.

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You may want to pick up a copy of “Living With Honour: Techniques of using the Tarot cards for magic are fully explained in this book.

Care to back me up on this? This site uses cookies. Most people think that Tarot cards are only for doing readings. Some know they can also be used as focal points in meditation.

You may have your book with you as a reference at all times. I read tarot professionally, and sometimes when I’ve got an especially strong one in front of me, it exhausts me to the point of sleepiness. The Shadow, Power, and Poetry. Needless to say, that concept of applying Tarot spreads to spellwork hasn’t been something I’ve come across before. Now, to find a business! While the author specifically states in the cis men’s spell: February 22, That’s one thing that is not really discussed speols a lot of spellbooks or if it is discussed, it’s discouraged.

From what I’ve looked at so far and taking into account my negligible knowledge of the topic, it appears to be a good book. And also the Robin Wood deck! I use it when I read for myself.


Tarot Spells by Janina Renee

In the Netherlands, pot is tolerated, and they have an extremely low drug problem as in people addicted to “hard drugs. The list of spells just goes on and on!

Curiosity is a great cure-all because it generates energy and enthusiasm. This is a spell for persons who have reached that certain age where one begins to be concerned about the appearance of wrinkles, thinning hair, graying, etc. So, in the photo I’ve laid the cards as illustrated within the book.

The spell to help find someone does work! Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Also it happened to be the day of the week recommended in the book for that spell.

Techniques of using the Most people think that Tarot cards are only for doing readings. Sometimes the cards were chosen because the figures face each other it was designed for use with the Robin Wood deck, but it really doesn’t matterbut there are many things in this book, such as finding a better job, home, etc, improving relationships, delaying aging, stopping viscious people or their anuimals.

It does however cover some not so nice aspects.

Does that lend itself to asking someone to consent to you putting a spell on them? A good book and accessible for everyone. I don’t mean to sound dumb, but is that part of the wicca tradition? The spells all conform to the same structure: Posted by Melanie Wilcox at 1: This also rears it’s head in the ‘gender specific’ baby spells.

It has so much potential but it kind of just falls to the wayside. The whole book is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t help it. If you did that however, the card choices sometimes make less sense. It makes no sense.


“Tarot Spells” by Janina Renee

If you have been using the Tarot, here is a chance to increase your knowledge of the power of the cards. Overall, the book is solid. The spells are relatively simple to do. Be sure the card shown in the rennee is the card being described in the spell, since there are a few ‘ooopsies’ in the book! They include ritual aspects, tools and crystals, understanding color magic.

If you use negative, harmful spells, you are necessarily projecting negative emotions. Aeclectic Tarot Forum Links. I am not sure there’s everything I want in it. How long did it take for your spells to manifest? Visualise yourself receiving money in one of your regular business transactions. Need a little pause in the morning before you rush to work?

It is designed to help the hanina get an overview of the Life Mission: Nov 08, Sec rated it did not like it.

Still worried the Devil is going to pop up and make you sign your name in blood? It just reinforces a binary gender spectrum instead of opening up or allowing a generic gender pronoun to take place.

Especially this problematic kind of stuff.