Jagged Alliance Walkthrough VideosTotal number of 1 videos by TheHiddenObjectGuru (). Title, Duration, Date. Thoughts on: Rage! (PC Version). Got a Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/ Guides. 2. You don’t really need a walkthrough. You’re free to play the way you Check for.

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Wow this game was awesome and still is. Yep, this game is pure wizardry. The design and coding is a work of genius. I 22 a strong argument can be made for it being GOAT. Can’t believe it doesn’t get more love. The improvements over the 1st JA are really a lot, and the character creation is the one I appreciated most The only thing I didn’t like of the game was searching for the lost pilot That quest can be a lil’ tedious, yeah.

And difficult for first time players. This is one of the reasons why I don’t recommend 1. They already have enough to deal with. Skyrider’s voiceset is also a bit annoying.

There is a Skyrider silence patch for that. Hm I hated that swamp more than his voice!

Speaking about the mercs you listed, why not Stephen or Buzz? They have good marksmanship and amazing wisdom well Lynx hates Buzz and this can be a problem. They are expensive to hire in the early going, and won’t grow all that much in MRK.

Still, there is nothing wrong with them at all. AIM doesn’t have any useless mercs on offer. True, but someone told me that Dr. Q becomes rather greedy after some days. He’s still a good mercenary only A,liance had joke characters anyway, but I usually prefer the wlliance medics. Oh and about the custom mercenary starting equipment, does it depends from the skills or attributes?

Yeah, it does a bit.

Jagged Alliance 2 Retrospective Walkthrough

Like Stealth apliance start off with a silenced Beretta. Not sure about Attributes. Someone says that a high Marksmanship gives you a better gun MP5but I’m not sure. Also, I don’t understand the Personality changes. That said, starting equipment has never been a huge deal to me because I tend to roll with a balanced squad from AIM. I also tend to prefer assault rifles to SMGs.

Yes, true, I just made an autoweapon expert and I got the silly Beretta 93r Smgs are ok and are especially useful in the beginning of the game. Now I’m trying to play with a cheap squad but I’ll take Stephen when available just because Meltdown loves him! Glad you’re playing, too! What are your parameters of play? I’ll try and have my Alma write-up posted in a few days. It’s a big town to cover. Well I started playing in and the game still runs like Prince of Qin Experienced gives a better equipment to enemies, but it’s not bad since this means better loot.


You will find the Steyr Aug in Tons of Guns mode. I guess the main benefit of the Steyr Aug is that it uses 5. So far I wasn’t that lucky with findings. By the way I doesn’t use the 1. Early game doesn’t itemize much 5. Makes it harder, more complex. Depends on how you set up the XML mod is highly configurable. I’m not using 1. I might do a specific write-up for 1. Yes, I clearly remember having a lot of 5.

I’m not that happy with my new psycho character, he wastes too many bullets. I don’t use 1. Unfinished Business, that I played before obtaining JA2. It wasn’t that good. Yeah, Psycho is not for everyone. In the early game the involuntary bursting can be wasteful of ammo.

Jagged Alliance 2 — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Like, you step out of cover with the intent of firing once and ducking back into cover, but you end up bursting jxgged leaving alliahce open to retaliation. It’s best for I. Ps that are tanks and have medics on-hand. I haven’t completed Unfinished Business. It’s a lil’ too linear and simplistic for my liking. I don’t doubt it can be fun but I’ve never been bored enough of the original campaign to really try it for long. I’m used to play a two-gun mercenary, but I can always give him a single shot weapon to avoit the waste of ammo.

I can’t remember if I completed JA2: UB or if I had to stop right before the end due to a bug Yep, just give him a Ruger Mini in the early stages and an M24 or Dragunov in the later stages when you don’t want to burn through koomplettlsung.

I am loving this write up. I tried JA2 a few years ago, allliance right into 1. So I dropped it for other gaming pleasures. Your retrospective has inspired me to give it another go, without 1. I also have been enjoying your other retrospectives.

Your site has been flagged as one of my favorites. Thanks for flagging lilura1 as one of your fave sites, angiras. And I’m glad you are giving 1.


This is to cut out spam and insipid drive-by comments like “Love your blog! Alliancce an account and Follow the blog if you would like to comment. Likewise, you can include clickable hyperlinks with the basic HTML tag.

I can spot a troll a mile off and hit it right between the eyes with fire and acid. Comments with “isms” are ignored. Blatantly off-topic comments are ignored. Criticism of Renaissance RPGs based on degenerate current gen fads, trends and “sensibilities” komplettleung ignored. And yes, I recommend that you view komplettlsun blog with Chrome. Thank you for commenting, and have a lovely day! Jagged Alliance 2 Retrospective Walkthrough Guide.

Yes, the game is non-linear in nature and allows for multiple approaches, but this walkthrough is written linearly in order to gradually reveal the campaign to newbies without flooding them with info and spoilers.

And to tell a story: As with my other walkthoughs this one can double as a retrospective because there will be memories, nostalgia, and praise of virtues and criticism of flaws. But it’s hard to find fault with Jagged Alliance 2: I think it’s as perfect as this type of game can get.

When people ask me what my dream game would be, I answer that it has already been made. If you don’t already, I hope that by reading this series of posts you will come to understand the greatness of Jagged Alliance 2.

Behold the glory of Jagged Alliance 2 isometric; it’s ageless. In Jagged Alliance 2 you can control up to three squads of six on the same map or any map on the overworld – even sub-sectors.

Lilura1: Jagged Alliance 2 Retrospective Walkthrough Guide – Part I

You can assign each merc to their own squad, too, for a total of 18 “squads”. This blows “tactical” cRPGs away. LaptopStrategy and Tactical UI s just ooze human intelligence. These devs were TRU gamers. Seemingly, these sorts of devs are extinct. Evidently, they are geniuses.

Watch as your mercs walk, run, crouch, get into a prone position and crawl along the ground, leap over fences, pull themselves onto rooftops and jump down or topple from them, wade in water, open and close doors and lids, casually spit on the ground etc.