Email: [email protected] ITZBEEN BABY CARE TIMER is a trademark of Coast Innovations. This product is patent pending. ITZBEEN RELOJ CUIDADO PARA. AHHHHH! I have those instructions too and i completely missed those directions!!. Are you looking for the the instruction manual of the Itzbeen Pocket Nanny? View the user manual of this product directly and completely free.

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Cade tiempo tiene una alarma recordatoria opcional. Para fijar una alarm recordatoria: Presiona y deten un boton de tiempo por 3 segundos.

La alarma actual empezara a parpadear en la pantalla. Suelta el boton del tiempo.

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny |

Para ajustar el tiempo limite, presiona y deten el itbeen del tiempo hasta que hallas lleqado al limite del tiempo deseado. Cuando la pantalla demuesta 0: FF, quiere decir que la alarma esta invalida.

Cuando itzbewn muestre el tiempo deseado en la pantalla, para de presionar el boton del tiempo. La pantalla continuara parpadeando por 5 segundos, y luego regresara ha Haora ya esta lista para empesar itzbee nuevo el tiempo. Presiona una vez el boton del tiempo para empezar de nuevo. Para reconocer que se ha recibido la alarma recordatoria, simplemente presiona el boton del tiempo apropriado, y el tiempo se reiniciara y empezara a contar hacia adelante de nuevo. Usa como linterna o lucecita de noche.

Presiona una vez para prender, presiona otra vez para apagar.

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny manual

Si la dejas prendida, la lucecita de noche se apagara automaticamente despues de 7 minutos. Bloquea los botones de tiempo para evitar que acidentalmente se reinicien. Usado por mamas que dan el pecho para recordar de cual lado comio el bebe ultimamente. Presiona y deten para ajustar las horas. Presiona y deten para ajustar los minutos.


Para usar, simplemente presiona y suelta una sola vez uno de los botones de tiempo. Ese tiempo se reiniciara manula empesara a correr el tiempo de nuevo. Cuando un tiempo esta en uso parpadea: O por correo electronic info itzbeen.

Una nueva unidad se te mandara por medio de correo regular. Fuera de los US. This product is designed to be a parenting aide. Parents and caregivers are responsible for determining and fulfilling the needs of each child within their care at all times regardless of circumstances.

Itzbeen Innovated, Inc warrants to the original consumer, for a period of 90 days from original purchase, that this product will itzbeeb free of manufacturing defects.

Mail defective product, along with a copy of the original purchase receipt and description of problem to the address listed above. Or, email info itzbeen. A new unit will be mailed via regular postal mail. Outside the US and Canada, please return product to the place of purchase.

Press once to turn on, press again to turn off. If left on, the nightlight will automatically turn off after 7 minutes. Press and to adjust hours. Press and to adjust mins. Requires 3-AAA batteries not included.

Replace batteries when low battery indicator illuminates.

If the unit is not functioning properly, gently insert a paper clip or other small object in to the reset hole located in the upper mznual corner of the battery compartment. When the time limit is reached, the timer button will light up and the alarm will sound. To acknowledge a reminder alarm, simply press the appropriate timer button; the timer will reset and begin counting up again.


Each timer has an optional reminder alarm. To set a reminder alarm: Press and hold a timer button for 3 seconds. The current alarm setting will begin to blink on the display. Release the timer button. To adjust the time limitpress or hold the timer button until the desired time limit is displayed. When the display reads O: FF, that alarm is disabled c. When iitzbeen desired time limit is displayed, stop pressing the timer button. The display will continue to blink for 5 seconds, then return to The timer is now ready to start again.

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny manual

Push the timer button again to start. Each timer counts up to show the user how long it has been since the last event occurred. To use, simply press and release a timer button once. That timer will reset and begin counting up again. When a timer is in use, the colon: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.