ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF ITR No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 for assessment year , having the following particulars. 9. ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6 & ITR-8 transmitted electronically without digital signature. ITR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Form for by Vishal Vijay Gupta and Co. ITR V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY 12 IN EXCEL FORMAT please tell me what is procedure for formation of “provident fund TRUST”.

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So if you filed your return after due date then you are not eligible to file revised return. For example, for financial year assessment year will be So you can file revised return of FY upto 31st March end of assessment year But not for any acknowledgemsnt or false statement. Basavaraj Tonagatti is the man behind this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to “Spread personal finance acknowledgemenh and make them to take informed financial decisions. These should not be construed as investment advice or legal opinion. I have submitted my returns using the online option instead of using Excel for FY I would like to submit a rectification request as I received a 1 notice.

It seems I need to upload xml file. How do I generate the Excel now? I see my Acknowledgment only provides a pdf copy of my return. I was a central govt. For tax -credit mismatch, I got certain notices which were handled by my staffs as I was never comfortable with this tax handling matter.

Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY 2012-13 and 2013-14 extended to 31.03.2014

However, for the acknowledgemet one AY No reply was given on my behalf and the action on my behalf is still pending. This also tax credit mismatch ; it and 26 as does not reflect neither the chargeable income nor the TDS as per form acknowledgemejt Can I put a reply disagreement for this third case now?

And for first two cases what more I am supposed to do? All my records are intact and in all three cases no tax is pending as per form Hey hiactually while filing my itr 4 i forgot to mention savings bank interest in income from other sources head but shown it in 80tta deduction…. I did e-verify the ITR. I acknowleedgement that, there is mistake acknowlexgement the source of income. XML file is generated without any errors.

Hi Karan, I itt also getting same error while filing revised return. No itrr to worry. Wait for a day or two and then try again. Sir, I have filed my returns for the assessment year in time but due to over sight I have not considered my TDS receivables and paid the tax.

Now can I revise my returns by claiming refund. Sir, I filed the return before the due date for my Dad, who is retired and had already paid an advance tax. Upon filing my return the tax payable amount was shown which was paid but this was done after filing the return, which was my mistake.


Thereafter the itr was processed and they again raised the outstanding demand which was raised wrongly. So i put the grievance for the same for which the IT dept has informed to file a revised return.

So i filled in the details for the revised return and an excess amount 122-13 raised as tax payable. Then i tried to contact the IT official helpdesk over phone, who were just passing me from one department to other. Kindly let me know whether to file the revised return or not? I got the email address from PAN details in Profile. Dear Vijay, Yes, it is your AO email. Please write in detail about eh issues you are facing.

ITR V Acknowledgement AY 2011-12

I have filed the revised tax return and I would like to cancel it due to incorrect details. Please help me with my following queries. Can I cancel my revise return?

If I cannot cancel my revise return then can I skip the e-verification within days so that revised return will become invalid? I had filed ITR 1 before due date.

I asked CA, who did this process many time for the same but he is saying refund may come anytime as it was filled manually. Is there any other option to get the refund?

My original itr has been processed. Before the intimation came to me I submitted a revised itr with some self assessment tax. What will be the fate of the revised itr? Will it be assessed ignoring the original itr? What is the law? SirI filed my return before time in julyas i am into banking services also had claimed a refund which i normally do every year.

This time the bank account details given to the department were not valid as the bank account had been closed. So again in september i filed a revised return mentioning a new account number. Now i got a msg of my itr processed of previous filed acknowledgment number.

What will happen now sir? Will i get a refund as per the revised itr or will this lead to a more complicated process. Dear sir I already submitted itr.

Now I want modify, by mistake I showed agriculture income, but now I change to salary or other, please guide me. Hello sir Iam an insurance advisor and i filed my return first time for refund purpose. I filed online return itr 4 presumptive income mistakenly. The status it shows itr verified successfully and i verified my return on july.

Can i get the refund or file revised return with another itr form. Know i want revise the my return as per calculation of revise return i have refund, it is possible i get this? Hence I wanted to revise last AY. So I have paid them and asked to revise it but instead of revising AY they revised What should I do now? Suraj-Let them first revise AY and then beter to e-verify the and again revise.


What they are syaing about? So I decided to drop this just for the moment. Now coming to AYDo you want me to e-verify the pending one and revise once again or should I go ahead and do another revision.

It was a terrible experience with those guys hence I wanted to do it myself from now on.

Let you e-verify and then again revise for as no option left for you due to their mess. There is no change to my taxable income or tax iitr. Just so I understanding your advice: Shankar-First responds than revising. Because as you said, even after declaration there is no tax liability in your case.

Sir, I e-returned my income tax as per my form 16 and submitted on My office accountant informed me that i need to add the additional income got from children education allowance.

I am not included that amount in the net salary. I did self tax for children education allowance. Now I revised my income as per the correct income with in the due date in 5 and uploaded on But tax department consider only my original not consider the revised file and the amount also refunded. Now what shall i do, and how to proceed further. If I will get any fine from income tax department.

Sir, I had filed returns for year incorrectly and did a mistake again while filing revised returns for the same period. Now IT dept is demanding to be paid. I have the FORM 16 provided by my employer. I replied them explaining my mistake.

Download ITR V Acknowledgement AY file in xlsx format

I am not sure what needs to be done further. Akhil-Yes, you can revise. Form selection will be based on the incomes you earned during last FY.

I had got intimation for A that there are discrepancies in your filing. SO i went to E -proceedings and agreed for addition of income wherever the varaiation was. It asked to submit a revised ITR within 15 days. Can you please confirm from where in ITR website I can file that. Previosuly i used acknowlfdgement and submit online ITR. But when I am trying same it is giving error only one ITR can be filed under section.

If you are unable to do that then take help of any tax expert. I have already paid my income tax to the within the timeline and everify the details.