Example written by Bruno Lowagie in answer to: * questions/ */ package ; import. You can rotate images in the iText pdf document using the setRotation(final float r ) or the setRotationDegrees(final float deg) methods of the. C# – Rotate PDF page using iTextSharp. private void RotatePDF(string inputFile, string outputFile). {. using (FileStream outStream = new.

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Rotating PDF pages

Search everywhere only in this topic. Hello, I am looking for a solution which will allow me to lay out the document in landscape itextshagp rotate all the pages including their content to portrait.

I am aware that the content will be rotated 90deg as well.

The document is then sent to a faxing engine which does not accept PDF documents whose orientation is landscape. If the content is rotated 90 degrees then sent through it works just fine. Is there a way to reorient rotage document after it has been laid out with iText?

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, C# (CSharp) Method Code Examples – HotExamples

Thanks — Joe Maldonado Take Surveys. On Thu, at Here’s one possible solution: Thursday, March 15, 2: Thanks, I have not tried the former approach of converting the pages to images yet, I do not see a reader which takes a Document object as the input, the pdf rotafe I’m manipulating are generated in the application then transmitted to the faxing service hence there is no file intermediary.

Setting it page by page would require me to walk the document after it is created. I apologize for my current ignorance of the product since I’ve only been at ihextsharp for a few hours now, but is there a way to walk the pages of a Document object and manipulate the contents?

There might be other tricks, but they are rather complex, and I should test them before I talk about them ;- br, Bruno Take Surveys. In reply to this post by Joe Maldonado You do it in PdfReader: Thursday, March 15, 4: Thanks to all of you for your help.


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Prasad CM: C# – Rotate PDF page using iTextSharp

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