IRG4PC40W Transistor Datasheet, IRG4PC40W Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. IGBT. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. IRG4PC40W IGBT WARP V 40A TOAC International Rectifier datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for. IRG4PC40W Pbf. Category: Uncategorised → Regularly searched parts. Part Number, IRG4PC40W Pbf. Manufacturer, IR Related Products. IRG4PC40W Pbf.

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– IGBTs. Аналоги полупроводников производства STMicroelectronics.

Designed expressly for Switch-Mode Power. Supply and PFC power factor correction. V CE on typ.

Industry-benchmark switching losses improve. Low IGBT conduction losses. Latest-generation IGBT design and construction offers. Lower switching losses allow more cost-effective.

IRG4PC40W – Infineon Technologies

Of particular benefit to single-ended converters and. Low conduction losses and minimal minority-carrier. Pulsed Collector Current Q. Clamped Inductive Load Current R. Reverse Voltage Avalanche Energy S.


Soldering Temperature, for 10 seconds. Mounting torque, or M3 screw. Case-to-Sink, Flat, Greased Surface. Junction-to-Ambient, typical socket mount. C unless otherwise specified. Zero Gate Voltage Collector Current. Total Gate Charge turn-on.

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Gate – Emitter Charge turn-on. Gate – Collector Charge turn-on.

Energy losses include “tail”. Measured 5mm from package. U Pulse width 5.


S Repetitive rating; pulse width limited by maximum. Trian gu lar w a ve: T CCase Temperature? T JJunction Temperature? R GGate Resistance Ohm. I CCollector-to-emitter Current A.

D ue to the 50V pow er supply, pulse w idth and inductor. SaalburgstrasseBad Homburg Tel: Via Liguria 49, Borgaro, Torino Tel: Data and specifications subject to irg4ppc40w without notice.