Download Table | Comparison of Piperine structure and Infrared Spectra. from publication: Evaluation of optimization parameters in microwave reflux extraction . Piperine | C17H19NO3 | CID – structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, Infrared Spectra: 1 of 5 (ATR-IR Spectra). KEYWORDS: Back pepper, Piperine, Isolation, Chloroform extract, TLC, RP- HPLC, UV spectrum, IR spectrum. INTRODUCTION.

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This is for the first time piperine has been extracted from the cold toluene extract of Piper nigrum along with few other sesquiterpenes.

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Piperine is an alkaloid found naturally in plants belonging to the pyridine group of piperaceae family, mainly responsible for the pungent taste of Piper nigrum where as the components isolated from its oil are meant for aroma. The oil separated from toluene extract was analyzed by GC-MS spectroscopy.

The present study was aimed to extract the phytochemical compounds in toluene extract of Piper nigrum and to check the pperine and antifungal activity of the extracts.

Orient J Chem ;29 2. Among many plants of family piperaceae, one showing piperie potential in therapeutics specctra Piper nigrum [1]. Piper has species distributed in both hemispheres [2]. As the plant has great adaptability towards various soils and climatic conditions so there will be a good inter species diversity [3].


Piper nigrum also known as black pepper is a climbing perennial shrub, can be used as a spice and folk medicine [2]. Piperine, a piperidine derivative has many pharmacological activities like analgesic, antipyretic, CNS depressant, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, antibacterial, antitumor and hepatoprotective [2].

Piperine | C17H19NO3 – PubChem

Piper nigrum originated in India [5]. Piperamides are the compounds with greatest insecticidal activities [6]. It has a great commercial, economical and medicinal value [5]. Seeds of Piper nigrum is purchased from the authorized seed shop at Jammu and identified by Dr. Gurdev Singh of botany department of Lovely professional University, Phagwara.

During the research for novel, bio active natural products, the dried and crushed seeds of the plant were successively soxhlated with the light petroleum ether, toluene, chloroform and alcohol on their polarity gradient.

All the extracts were showing the potential for further treatment. Toluene extract kept for around three and half months, separated into upper brown coloured oily layer and rod shaped shiny crystals settled at bottom of the beaker.

Shiny, pale yellow and rod shaped crystals settled at bottom of the beaker which were further identified on the basis of their spectral studies. The shiny pale yellow crystals m. Compounds were identified by their GC retention time relative to known compounds and by comparison of their mass spectra with those present in IIIM library.

The GC-MS spectra of the oily fraction of toluene extracts of Piper nigrum unveiled the presence of following components. Different components from cold toluene extract of Piper nigrum. Bacillus subtilisStaphylococcus aureus; Gram negative bacteria: Nutrient agar and nutrient broth for bacterial cultivation; Potato dextrose agar and potato dextrose broth for fungal cultivation and standard antibiotic like gentamicin were purchased from Hi Media Laboratories Pvt.


Piperine – SpectraBase

The in vitro antimicrobial activity of toluene extracts of pepper were checked by disc diffusion method [10]. Bacterial culture in log phase was inoculated in nutrient agar and plated. D incubator for 7 days. The diameter of zone of inhibition was measured. Click here to View figure. The results suggest that the toluene extracts is found very much effective against Bacillus subtilis, and fungus Aspergillus niger. No inhibition zone is seen against the bacteria E.

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Isolation and characterization of piperine from the fruits of black pepper (Piper nigrum)

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