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I texr an older version indesign document inand try to convert text to outlines, and it deforms, changes the adjustments of the text, changes the text frame width, leaving the outlined text with kerning errors.

I have checked the fonts for any error, they seem to be fine. Anyone having the same problem? Why are umwxndeln converting text to outlines; this is not a reccommended workflow for a number of reasons. Also, InDesign won’t convert underlines, strikethrough, paragraph rules, or other adornments to outline, it simply removes them.

A more accurate way is using Acrobat https: Why are you creating logos in InDesign? Illustrator is the preferred programme, and it’s also best as. I will give it a try for print productions. Thanks, yes Acrobat converts the text to outlines as well but we also convert texts to outlines before exporting to PDF and sending to the printing house in order umwanseln prevent any errors such as font conflicts etc.

And you might prefer to create logos in indesign Youre doing your client a disservice by creating logos in file formats not recognised worldwide as the standard. An eps from indesign is not the same as an eps from illustrator.

So you can sleep well tonite: I use Illustrator un InDesign. And I do know the difference between file types. But my workflow is not topic of this thread – we should end this discussion. So definitly have a successful way to use different programs for different tasks or combine them.


Nobody expected you personally to solve the problem. This thread totally went off topic because everbody told us that text should not be rendered, but that was not the point.

There is a possibility to do so.

Adobe InDesign CC Archive – Flyeralarm – UK (EN)

It used to work from the early versions on until CC Maybe an Adobe pro. And I especially did not come here to umwandln. I just hoped to find an answer just like edat So good night everbody.

Outlining fonts in indesign is only supported by Adobe for legacy workflows and thats just a fact. You need to understand that when volunteers try and answer questions on this forum we are aware that other users will be viewing the questions and suggested answers and be hopefully helped. So please don’t get on your high horse as if it’s all about you.

I know of someone who did word-processing in Lotus Indesign is not a tool for creating Logos, but if Indesign is the only tool you have, feel free to use it. However Illustrator is better armed for this task. I never saw font conflicts At the very beginning I saw sometimes characters missing Die meisten Leute, die hier ihre Antworten abgegeben haben sind hochprofessionell und sehr wissend im Umgang mit den Adobe Produkten. Die 20 Jahre professionelles Design mit Adobe und anderen Produkten kann sich praktisch jeder hier auf seine Fahnen schreiben.

Und Diskussionen hier sind das A und O der Foren. Der Befehl hat dann Zeichen, ein einzelnes Wort oder mehrere Worte 1: Das ist nun nicht mehr der Fall. Darum ging es auch dem Fragensteller. Vielleicht war es ja ein sprachliches Problem. InDesign CC v You don’t have JavaScript enabled.


Apply line (stroke) settings

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title.

You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Hello all, I open an older version indesign document inand try to convert text to outlines, and it deforms, changes the adjustments of the text, changes the text frame width, leaving the outlined text with kerning pcade.

Apply line (stroke) settings in InDesign

This content has been marked as final. Obviously there are certain situations where you might do this, but not normally. It’s a known issue. Right tool for indeesign job. Another very legiitamate reason is signmakers need outlines to plot the letter shapes.

You wont have font conflicts if you output to pdf and then create outlines. Its a different workflow I cannot fix indesign.

Adobe InDesign CC Archive – Flyeralarm – UK (EN)

Tdxt trying to help. You are taking great offence when there is no need to. Legacy means workflows that are archaic in a modern workflow. I can only advise. Its up to you. Hallo aenniedie Entwickler schauen sich derzeit den Bug an. Das freut mich gerade total!

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