“In the Walls of Eryx” is a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, written in January and first published in Weird Tales magazine in October It is unusual among . In addition to the Journal we are also offering a chapbook on the ecosystem of Lovecraft’s Venus in “In the Walls of Eryx.” Shown below is an. Probably not. The only thing that seems to suggest it is: There is something damnable—something uncanny—about this labyrinth. I could swear.

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However, in spite of their cultural status, their technology and proposed mode of communication through the use of the tentacles, Kenton thought of them as little more than animals that should be jn out so the crystals could be harvested and mined with no native interference.

As we approached, they scattered into the forest. Knocking sharply on the barrier with the hilt of my knife, and kicking at it with my heavy boots, I tried to interpret the sounds thus made.

In the Walls of Eryx – Howard Phillips Lovecraft | Feedbooks

Kenton calls the man-lizards foolish since they only use the crystals as religious artifacts, praying to them. I did, though, gauge the place approximately by noting a tall cycad in the distant forest which seemed just on a line with the gleaming crystal an hundred yards away. It gave me a fresh curiosity to find that the interior of this vast enclosure was divided by partitions. The efjeh-weeds also appear to feed off of organic material in general such as leather.


It was a horrible sight, yet the man-lizards seemed quite unconcerned.

After several aalls I concluded that the wall was not straight, but that I was following part of some vast circle or ellipse. Nicholas rated it really liked it Oct 30, Trivia About In the Walls of Eryx.

Some Notes on a Nonentity.

After that the temperature seemed to fluctuate in unison with a peculiar rhythmic drumming. Lack of water had doubtless maddened him, and perhaps he had run out of chlorate cubes as well. After about fifteen minutes I reached the central chamber and moved my helmet to mark the last wals the three possible doorways. Such supplemental strategies help these plants to survive when light levels are negligible for prolonged periods of time on Venus.

Those near the corpse looked briefly at it but made no move to disturb it. My tunnelling attempt of the early afternoon, and my later panic flight, burned up a perilous amount of air.

“In the Walls of Eryx” by H. P. Lovecraft

At the third step I was brought up short by the impact of the knife-point on an apparently solid surface—a solid surface where my eyes saw nothing. As noted throughout the tale, the dominant ecosystem on Venus appears to be tropical jungles. When trying to reach the second body from the skeleton, we could find no access on the right, but Markheim found a doorway lf the first inner space some fifteen feet past Dwight and four or five past Stanfield.

Though I could not spare my suit, I could—because of my thick head of hair—spare my helmet; and this was large and light enough to remain visible above the thin mud. The prize is held by a dead prospector.


He must have been trapped some time ago, and had failed to find his way out. In the Walls of Eryx By H. Later in the tale as the protagonist, Kenton J. Still according to Kenton he recommends wiping the man-lizards out and just taking the crystals and Venus for humanity.

Lovecraftian Science

Still as with many of his other stories, Lovecraft made a serious effort to include the most up to date science and technology in his tales. It could not have been done by those slinking man-lizards, for he still held the crystal he had found.

Even had I been willing to spare the latter, there would not have been even nearly enough—besides which the small pellets would have instantly sunk from sight in the thin mud. If one is not aware or highly mobile the flowering heads of these plants still attempt to feed on any organic material it is in contact with. In some previous articles, I reviewed the Tje Solar System, which included the planet Venus.

It must be the moisture that gives the tangled vines and creepers that leathery toughness; a toughness so great that a knife has to work ten minutes on some of them.