Since she was a little girl, Celeste has had one burning desire:to marry Ellery Throckmorton. But what chance does a gardener’s daughter have of capturing th.. . I volunteered to take a second look at In My Wildest Dreams when Robin asked As a fan of both Christina Dodd and the original movie, I was. Buy a cheap copy of In My Wildest Dreams book by Christina Dodd. Beautiful year-old Celeste Milford is only the gardener’s daughter, but she falls madly in.

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Christina Dodd – My Fi Every night in my drea Never in my wildest dr Unit 6 In the world of Chapter 5 American Re Dreams in my heart. Apparently he was used to such direct speaking, for he neither flinched nor cowered. Throckmorton, only seventeen years. Sometimes when she glanced vreams Garrick Stanley Breckinridge Throckmorton, she suspected she saw. Tall, but all Throckmortons were tall. Big boned and strongly muscled, betraying the common origins of the Throckmorton family.

So conservative in dress and manner Adorna wished occasionally to shake him until he betrayed some real emotion. But if the birth of his younger and fatally captivating sibling had disturbed Garrick, that time had been long ago. Now the guarded gray eyes assessed events and weighed characters without revealing anything, and to Adorna such caution mh out of place in a twenty-seven-year-old man—unless he concealed depths within his soul.

But if depths were there, he hid them well, for she had no idea what treasures they hid. He gestured to Adorna, her arm draped across the back of the love seat in a graceful curve. She is visiting with her husband, and has observed your daughter.

Lady Bucknell has expressed an interest in having Celeste return with her to the Distinguished Academy of Governesses in London and there be trained as an instructor.

The head gardener at Blythe Hall was an important personage, after all. He had to be a man of good sense. Children follow her, and she is endlessly patient. Celeste had a goal, and that goal was the love of Ellery Throckmorton. She followed Ellery about, speaking to him when she had the chance, spying on him from ill-concealed hideouts. Ellery never noticed Celeste was alive. Adorna planned to remove Celeste before Ellery did notice and thoughtlessly take what was offered.

Opening her fan, Adorna moved it slowly before her face. The wildesr on the willow that grew beside the wall ddeams swaying, yet no breeze ruffled any of the other trees. Even after six years, we miss her. The bushes were in full bloom, a mighty explosion of pink and scent which Adorna had appreciated but which, she knew, Throckmorton had scarcely noticed.

IN MY WILDEST DREAMS: Governess Brides #5 « Christina Dodd

The willow rustled violently. Eyes narrowed, Throckmorton glanced behind him. Rising, he strolled around to lean against a low-hanging branch. Her eyes narrowed as she considered the strong language Lord Bucknell had used to describe her purchase.


She would prove all of them wrong, most especially her dear husband, and young Celeste would help her do so. Throckmorton gave him a small nod, reassuring the anxious father.

Milford sighed heavily and displayed the wisdom that allowed him to take charge of dozens of undergardeners and acres of flowers and orchards with such success. So, my lady, take her. With his eyebrows lowered in a fierce and violent fury, Throckmorton shook the tree. Throckmorton caught at her, breaking her fall, but she landed hard in the flowerbed, mashing columbine and yellow alyssum.

Her petticoats flew up to reveal black woolen stockings tied with a string around the knee. She gasped painfully as her breath left her.

He only shook his head mournfully. His younger brother stood framed in the doorway of the study, his clothing exquisitely cut, his blond hair styled perfectly, his tanned cheeks flushed with becoming color. Throckmorton had hoped to finish writing instructions on the accounting to his secretary before putting in his first appearance at the reception, but as he studied his over-excited, excessively handsome younger brother, he realized that would not be possible. He recognized trouble when he saw it, and in this family, trouble almost always came in the shape of Ellery Throckmorton.

To a girl whose name was unknown to him? Such a romantic flight of fancy was bound to appeal to Ellery. Handsome, frivolous, light-hearted Ellery, who wanted nothing so much as to remain an available bachelor forever. Removing his glasses, Throckmorton rubbed the bridge of his nose. Throckmorton should have known this whole arrangement had gone too easily.

Placing his hands flat on the desk, he leaned toward Throckmorton and glared, his blue eyes narrowed. Only the length and sweep of his eyelashes detracted from the menace he projected. I most certainly did object, but you had high-handedly put the announcement in the Times without consulting me.

You could have raved and shouted until I withdrew my offer on your behalf. Something caught his eye, and he opened it again. A pen was missing. The girls were running wild.

The loss of his pens were the least of the problem. Locking the box, he dropped the key into his pocket. Ellery observed his every movement. The plain brown leather furniture slid on a thick Oriental rug of rich azure and peach on a background of winter white.

In My Wildest Dreams (Governess Brides, Book 4): Christina Dodd: : Books

For the refined touches he could thank his mother. Yet she had been a dutiful wife to Stanley Throckmorton and a good mother to the boys.

It was time to get the lad married and settled down before he broke his neck—or someone shot him. Throckmorton straightened his cravat. Her teeth are white and even, like a string of the most precious pearls. Perhaps Ellery did comprehend more than Throckmorton gave him credit for. Everyone forgave Ellery everything.

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She knows you, too. She asked about you—I told her you were dull as ever. Always a relief to know the truth had not yet made its way across two continents to England. She asked about Gunilla, and she dabbed sparkling doodd from the corners of her eyes when I told her the old dog had died. Throckmorton had no wish to remind Woldest of his dissatisfaction with the Cyristina match again. No, now was the time for tact and swift planning—tact being one property he labored to attain, and swift planning the attribute at which he excelled.


That was how he had arrived at his present position as the head of the Throckmorton empire. He would somehow head off disaster. Better his brother think him a dull blade. I was driving my new matched grays to show to Lord Featherstonebaugh—you know how he is about horses!

When I got back, she had disappeared. But she was alone.

Young ladies of quality do not travel alone. The music wafted in from the terrace on harmonious waves, the rising sounds of conversation drifting with it. Blythe Hall was made for parties. The ground floor consisted of studies and music rooms, ball rooms and the lush glassed-in conservatory.

Thirty-three bedrooms and twenty lavatories lined the corridors upstairs. The large attics sheltered visiting servants, and the bottom floor housed a wine cellar and the largest kitchen in Suffolk. All this, in a limestone shell attractively built by two hundred years of wealthy owners, and set drea,s a jewel of a park tended by the best-paid, most important landscaper north of London. Once Throckmorton got the matter of the exquisite creature out of the way, he looked forward to the evening.

Nothing matched the pleasures of making new contacts for whom he might someday do a favor or wrangle a business deal. English society was changing; no one knew it better than he, and no one used those changes as successfully.

The crowd who moved hastily out of his way. A thin, esthetic man, Lord Longshaw looked like a starving Cambridge professor and suffered the well-deserved reputation of a rabid wolf. Regardless of his aristocratic heritage, he had pursued business relationships and made fortunes in the name of power—power he wielded ruthlessly. Only with his wife and daughter did he soften, and when Hyacinth had expressed a wish to have Ellery for rdeams bridegroom, Lord Longshaw had come to Throckmorton and struck a deal.

A deal, Throckmorton knew, which Ellery had better fulfill, or all the Throckmortons would be playing cricket in hell. This betrothal will be the most celebrated of the year. I have been looking everywhere for dldd We waited at that wretched train station for over an hour.

With every appearance of normalcy, Ellery bent over her fingers and smiled roguishly.