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Imamia Jantri 1.

This is the ” Most Read Shia Book” around the world. It containslifestyles and important events related to aima athar and others. This book is also call imamia jantri or shia jantri. The best bookwhich provide complete horoscope of year Ih is offline imamiajantri which doesnt required internet to read. This most excitingfeatures of this app are- Complete Imamia Jantri- Completedescriptions- Easy navigation- Fast page responce- Offline mode-Favourites or Bookmarks- Sharing with friends.

Mavrix Solutions Show More Nahjul Balagha in Urdu 1. This beautiful app has been designed for people belonging to fiqahjafriya and includes the sermons janrri and sayings of HazratImam Ali as gathered by Sharif Razia Scholar in tenthcentury. The prominent features of this app are: Hazrat Ali ke Aqwal. Jantrk Ali ki hadees in Urdu.

Hazrat Ali k faisly. Hazrat Ali quotes in Urdu. Hazrat Ali aqwal in urdu. This applications contains a Ahadees in Urdu. Thisapplication hopes to increase your knowledge of Islam and praysthat you lead a better life by following the footsteps of ProphetMuhammad and his Islamic way of life. This app contains followingfeatures: W – Islamic best app for all Muslims. Collection of complete ziarat and duas for Shia community withEnglish translation and transliteration including ziarat e Ashura,Ziarat e warisa and other.

All Ziarat and duas are completely freewith audio playback with each Arabic text and English text that iseasy to read and with audio. The layout is simple and easy tonavigate, all ziarat and duas are available with no restriction. Each ziarat and dua is translated into English with transliterationfor better understanding and reading. You can read ziarat e warisa,ziarat e ashura and all of other duas without having any internetconnection.

Ziarat and duas include: Ziarat and Duas Features Include: Khawab Nama Aur Tabeer in Urdu 1.

Allah Tallah nayhazarat Yousuf A. S ko is ka ilm ata kea tha ur wo apnay us ilm kibadolat khawaboon ka tashrih kea kartay thay. In this app ourteam has tried to accomplish the grip over the knowledge dreams. Hazarat Mohammad SAW nay farmaya k khawabhamisha sachay ur ilm walay logo say bayan karnay chaheay, HazratMohammad SAW nay hamy kisi bawkoof ya jahil insan say khaboon kobayan karnay say manna farmaya ha.

Subjects of this book: Other apps like Coocking k tareekay,beautiparlor in urdu, beauti tips are also iantri queue Imami in complete Book form and no internet required to readthis book. All content in this App is friom a publicdomain according to fair usage policy we do not claim the copyrightownership. If you have a particular complaint about content, pleasecontact us on our email. Many of us prefer to read booksand novels in PDF.


Complete novel with quality images than can bezoomed in to read easily. Noval writer is one of the best writersin Pakistan who also well in known in the whole world of urduliterature. You can search many others apps from Mavrix Solutions.

Istikhara Karnay ka masnoon tarika. Apps mein Quran aur hadees pakki roshani mein istikhara ka sahi tareeka btaya gaya ha. Istikhara is the best wayto choose a good option. Istikhara tells you whether you decision will be good for you ornot. A complete guide for every Muslim to do Istikhara.

EveryInformation is very authentic and feel free to use because thisbook is written in the context of Quran and Hadees. Istikhara KarneKa Tarika in islam today i will show you how to do istikhara fromIslamic method, its good and unique method for every Muslim jesa kesab log jante hain ke istikhara karne ke boht se tarike hain aurhar koi apane tarike btata hai lekin aj aap ke samne jo tarikabtaya jae ga wo Islam mein aik best aur proper tarika hai jis kezariye se ap kisi bhi kaam ki behtari maloom karne ke liyeistikhara kar sakte hain like: You Know everything and I do not know, and You haveknowledge of jrdu unseen.

If in Your Knowledge this action which I intend to do is better for my religion and faith, for mylife and end death]for here [in this world] and the hereafterthen make it destined for me and make it easy for me and then addblessings [baraka’] in it, for me. In Your Knowledge ifthis action is bad for me, bad for my religion and faith, for mylife and end [death], for here [in this world] and the hereafterthen turn it away from me and turn me away from it and whatever isbetter for me, ordain [destine] that for me and then make mesatisfied withit.

The one who does the istikhara is as if they request Allah Almightythat, O the Knower of Unseen Exalted is He guide me if this taskis better for me or not? According to Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 21,Number Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: He said, “Ifanyone of you thinks of doing any job he should offer a two Rakatprayer other than the compulsory ones and say after theprayer: The Istikhara Dua app imamix bundled with Urdu meaning andproper way of doing istikhara dua.

I,amia is a prayer forseeking the guidance of Allah before taking any decision inlife. May these information beuseful to our Muslim brothers, sisters and fellows and they sharewith their beloved ones too. Desi Special Khanay Urdu 1. Mazedar Meethy Pakwan ab ghar pe banayen, Sweet Disher ki completevariety ab aap apni marzi se ready kar skty hen.

This Application is in Urdu Language 20144 This application is a handy recipe guide ufdu hundreds of recipes inyour pocket at all times. A must download for people who love tomake Sweet dish’s. Quickly learn how to make everyday Sweet Dishitems right at home.


Now cook any type of Sweet Dish athome. Recipes in this app: Similar Apps Show More Imamia Jantri Offline 1.

Imamia Jantri 2018

This beautiful religious app has been designed especially for thosewho are far from the areas where there is availability of suchbooks. This app let you to have fastest accessto the most commonly used Imamia jantri.

With this jantri you canread your horoscope for whole year The prominent features ofthis app are: Let this app installed on your mobile phones and to haveone click access to Imamia jantri. Give us your feedback throughrating and commenting if you find it useful. This app isnicely developed and have below options.

Let this app installed on your mobile phones and to have oneclick access to Imamia jantri. Give us your feedback through ratingand commenting if you find it useful. Namaz e Jafria Namaz e Shia 1. This app has been designed specifically for people belonging toFiqa Jafria. Let this app installed on your mobile phones to have oneclick access to Fiqa Jafria NamazGive us your feedback throughrating and commenting if you find it useful. Kindly pray for myfather that his soul may rest in peaceand may ALLAH forgive him andgrant him with heaven.

Imamia Jantri free download all books available in PDF Formate

Shia Calendar Jaffery 1. This beautiful app has been designed especially for peoplebelonging to fiqah jafriya. It contains a shia calender with allmentioned dates for special occasions. Kindly pray for my father that his soulmay rest in peaceand may ALLAH forgive him and grant him withheaven.

Shia Companion APK 1. We will try to rectifythem as soon as possible, inshaAllah. This app is only an interface throughwhich users can view different channels and get benefit.

We are notresponsible for any third party content displayed in the app. This app is specifically designed for the ease of shia communitywho have a urge to perform their religious traditions. Namaz e Jafria Shia Namaz 1. This app is made for the people belonging to Fiqa Jafria. In Nimazjafria Namaz e Shia with pictures you people can read Usul-e-deenAnd Furu-e-deen, compelete Namaz, Wudhu, conditions of wudu ,duasduring wadhu,Tayemum, azan, aqamat namaz, wajebaat e namaz ,mubtilat e namaz, Wajib NamazNamaz Ugdu and many more.

Featuresof Namaz jafria urdu. Zoom In, Zoom Out. Share option to share this Namaz jafria. Namaz e Jafriya Shia Namaz 1. This app has been designed especially for people belonging to FiqaJafria. Worth knowing features of this app are: