ICL datasheet, ICL pdf, ICL data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Intersil, Voltage Inverter, ±15V, Input V, or Voltage Doubler to V. ICL CMOS Voltage Converter. The Intersil is a monolithic high-voltage CMOS power supply circuit which offers unique performance advantages over. The ICL performs supply voltage conversion from positive to negative for an input range to Details, datasheet, quote on part number: ICLSI

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The ICL can also. Wide Operating Voltage Range 4. Icl762 on chip are a series DC power supply regulator. RC oscillator, voltage level translator, four output power MOS. A unique logic element senses the most negative. Datasehet assures latchup free operation. The oscillator, when unloaded, oscillates at a nominal.

Processor Type Negative Supplies. Up to V for Op Amps. LV pin is left floating to prevent device latchup. These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. Thermal Resistance Typical, Note 3. Current Into Lcl7662 Note 2. Maximum Lead Temperature Soldering, 10s.

Stresses above those listed in “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress only rating and operation of the. It is recommended that no inputs from. Refer to Figure Supply Voltage Range – Lo. Supply Dataasheet Range – Hi. Oscillator Sink or Source. Pin 1 is a Test pin and is not connected in normal use. See Figure 14, Test Circuit. All typical values have been characterized but are not tested. See Figure 14, Test Circuit Continued.

Thus, approximately half the. The ICL contains all the necessary circuitry to complete.

This problem is eliminated in the ICL by a logic network. The mode of operation of the device. The voltage regulator portion of the ICL is an integral part. S 1 and S 3 are closed.


Switches S 2 and S 4 are open. During the second half cycle of. Charge is then transferred from C 1 to C 2 such that the. The lCL approaches this ideal situation. The main difficulty with this approach is. In addition, at circuit startup, and under output. Failure to accomplish this would result in high power losses.

A 1N or similar diode placed in parallel with C 2 will. Anode pin 5, Cathode pin 3. Simple Negative Voltage Converter. The majority of applications will undoubtedly utilize the. ICL for generation of negative supply voltages. The output characteristics of the circuit in Figure 16A can be. The voltage source has. The output impedance R O is a function of. Figure 2the switching frequency, the value of C 1 and C 2.

The drive circuitry consumes minimal power. The output switches have extremely low ON resistance. The impedances of the pump and reservoir capacitors are.

The ICL approaches these conditions for negative. The energy lost is defined by: R SWthe total switch resistance, is a function of supply. If the impedances of C 1 and C 2 are. Careful selection of C 1 and C 2 will reduce the. Therefore it is not only. F and there is no longer enough. Do not exceed maximum supply voltages.

If the voltage supply driving the has a large source. F capacitor from pin. Since the ESRs of the capacitors are reflected in the output. User should insure that the output pin 5 does not go. Device latch up will occur.

Typical electrolytic capacitors may have ESRs as. Again, a low ESR capacitor will result in a higher.

Any number of ICL voltage converters may be. The ICL may be cascaded as shown in Figure 19 to. ESR also affects the ripple voltage seen at the output. However, due to the finite efficiency of each device.


The magnitude of this current change is 2. The resulting output resistance would be. Segment B is the voltage change across C 2 during time t 2. datassheet

ICL7662, Si7661 CMOS, Voltage Converters

The peak-to-peak ripple voltage. It may be desirable in some applications, due to noise or other. In order to prevent possible device latchup. Note that the pump frequency. Output transitions occur on the positive.

The ICL may be employed to achieve positive voltage. On the transfer cycle, the voltage on C 1 plus the. The source impedance of the output V OUT will depend on. It is also iccl7662 to increase the conversion efficiency of the.

ICL at low load levels by lowering the oscillator frequency.

ICL datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits ICL, Si CMOS, Voltage Converters

This reduces the switching losses, and is achieved by. However, lowering the oscillator frequency will cause an. For example, the addition of a pF ivl7662. D 1 and D 2 can be any suitable diode. Regulated Negative Voltage Supply. In some cases, the output impedance of the ICL can be a. Direct feedback is inadvisable, since the ICLs output does. The circuit shown supplies enough delay to.

An increase in pump and storage capacitors is. Combined Negative Voltage Conversion and Posi. Further information on the operation and use of the ICL Figure 23 combines the functions shown in Figure 16 and. Figure 22 to provide negative voltage conversion and.

ICL Datasheet(PDF) – Maxim Integrated Products

In this instance capacitors C 1. There is a penalty in this. The bidirectional characteristics can also be used to split a. By using this circuit, and then.