HMC 7042-CR6 PDF

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Find great deals for cr6 IBM Hardware Management Console HMC. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Model abstract CR6. The IBM Model CR6 is a Rack-mounted Hardware Management Console (HMC) and dedicated workstation for system and. IBM CR6 Rack-mounted Hardware Management Console HMC.

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None of the above, continue with my search. Determine the physical location of the HMC in relation to the servers it will manage. If 7042-ce6 HMC is more than 25 feet from its managed system, you must provide web browser access to the HMC from the managed system’s location so that service personnel can access the HMC.

If this distance specification is not adhered to, the hardware warranty of the managed system may be voided. The information contained in this document shows the typical location of eth0 however it is highly recommended that you confirm the location by testing for link status changes. To use link status to locate eth0, do the following:. This file is used to associate the interface to particular port so it will not change when adding an optional Ethernet adapter.


Port A is normally the right port when viewing the HMC from the back of the machine.

When an optional FC. When an Ethernet adapter is installed in an expansion slot, it will become eth0, depending 70442-cr6 what other options are installed. The general rules for the location of eth0 include:.

Family 7042+05 IBM 7042-CR6 Rack-mounted Hardware Management Console

For some example configurations, refer hmd Table 3. For some example configurations, refer to Table 2. Refer to Table 1. Do not install an FC.

For multi-enclosure systems, the FSP is active and must be cabled in the top two enclosures. United States English English. To use link status to locate eth0, do the following: 7042cr6 a restricted shell terminal as hscroot. Wait one minute for link status to change. Check link status again. Click the refresh button.

7042-CR6 IBM Hardware Management Console

Check the log for an entry with “ethx: Link is up” 7042-cr66 or “ethx Link is down” unplugged. If the adapter reporting the link status change is not eth0, try another adapter or port. Planar Board Ethernet 1 connecter left Planar Board Ethernet 2 connector right Expansion adapter slot right Expansion adapter left eth0. The port marked A is normally the right port when viewing the HMC from the back of the machine.


One way to identify which port 7042c-r6 which adapter is eth0 is to check the MAC address. On the HMC, run netstat -i -e from the restricted shell or view lan adapter settings in Change network settings.

This will show the MAC address of each adapter for each interface. In the case of a dual Ethernet port adapter FC.

Hardware Management Console operations

Planar Board port 1. Document information More support for: Version Independent Operating system s: Contact and feedback Need support? If there is only one single port Ethernet adapter installed in an expansion slot, it will be eth0. If mhc is only one dual port Ethernet adapter FC. If there is only one 1 GB e-net adapters installed in an expansion slot, it will be eth0.