Fantasy Grounds – Hellfrost Gazetteer (Savage Worlds). This content requires the base game Fantasy Grounds on Steam in order to play. All Reviews: No user. This is the third in a series of three reviews looking at the core books for Hellfrost, a setting by Triple Ace Games for the Savage Worlds system. Hellfrost Gazetteer is the third in a series of books by Triple Ace Games for the Hellfrost setting. Hellfrost is a fantasy setting for the Savage.

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Like all the core Hellfrost books the Gazetteer is high quality. It has a solid binding with nice colored pages. The colored art work is also good and gives one a sense of the setting, although arguably there could be more of it.

Hellfrost: Gazetteer: Paul Wade-Williams: : Books

Note that there hllfrost no game mechanics or rules here. This is simply gzaetteer reference work detailing the continent of Rassilon, the campaign setting for Hellfrost.

The book is divided up into three sections: The bulk is of course dedicated to detailing the major realms. Each entry contains a stat block with population information, ruler, religion, imports, and exports. Most entries average about two to three pages in length. Packed within those pages is information about each regions government, military, geography, details on several major locales, hellrfost a few current events which serve as potential plot hooks for the region.


The section on Evil Organizations contains information on fifteen groups that can serve as the foil and fodder for adventures. The back of the book contains a colored map of Rassilon in rather muted tones that spans two pages.

While not bad it is not great. The finer details are so small and hard to see that a magnifying glass might be needed or better eyes than this reviewer has to read many of the place names. Overall the Gazetteer is an excellent resource for GMs wanting to run a Hellforst campaign, or simply mine it for ideals. The lands of Rassilon are not a place of beautiful castles with Arthurian knights in shining armor. It is a hard and gritty world where most struggle to survive the ever lengthening and increasingly harsh winters.

Triple Ace Games has done an great job of creating a coherent fantasy world with a distinct and unique feel. The details are not so overwhelming, however, that anyone wanting to use it for their campaign setting could not easily make the lands of Rassilon their own. I’ve read a good chunk of this so far. They do a pretty nice job with laying out the different lands, the leaders and situations in each, and their relations with their neighbors.

I liked the fact that each country has a “whats happening behind the scenes” section that makes for good adventure hooks. As with any game. I had hoped I was getting the next print that included the Apr errata, However that was not the case.


I really like the world and my group is excited to play in it.

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Series: Hellfrost

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