We worked closely with the very talented team at Piggyback to design this guide as a .. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – La Guía Oficial Completa. For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Piggyback guide dlc”. 9 Results You searched for “final fantasy xiii 2 piggyback” in All Sections: Fantasy XV – The Complete Official Guide [ Crown Update] [Piggyback] [PDF].

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Before reading further, please note that this is the Optimum Crystarium development. Key word being Optimum.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong way of leveling and you can do something completely different than the below guide and still have no trouble beating that game whatsoever. It’s also recommended that you accumulate sufficient CP to level one entire Stage at a time and save your game before spending any points.


This will allow you to keep track of what level you’re on and where the Large Nodes are.

From left to right. CP Cost points out how much CP you need to finish the entire stage. As you can see, the above example is Serah’s Stage 1.

If you follow the guide correctly, in this case Stage 1 will finish once you get SEN to level 3. Stage 2 will finish when you get RAV to 19 and so on. The end of each Stage comes with a bonus.

This is a general priority list based on each character’s best roles. Ultima Arrow Stage Unlock SYN Stage Unlock SYN Stage 3: Unlock MED Stage 4: Meteor Plggyback Stage Unlock SAB Stage October 10, at 4: You could alternatively Specialise your characters to gain Role Stat Bonuses.

guiaa If you want Serah to have a much higher Magic than Strength, learn RAV with the larger spheres and COM on smaller spheres as role bonuses are awarded on larger spheres. Was this guide helpful?