Buy Graphics Programming with GDI+ by Mahesh Chand from Waterstones today ! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE. Get this from a library! Graphics programming with GDI. [Mahesh Chand]. Buy a cheap copy of Graphics Programming with GDI+ book by Mahesh Chand. GDI+ is a part of Windows XP and Windows Server that provides graphics, .

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The author provides extensive reusable sample code in C throughout, and complete downloadable source code in C and Visual Basic. NET is available online, as are color versions of screen shots from the book. There are only two books on the market, and they are both introductory. The Next-Generation Graphics Interface. Being a prolific contributor to the Internet community of developers, Mahesh Chand is offering what seems to be a natural extension of what he does best-sharing his programming skills with other talented programmers.

Each chapter compels to the next. It presents a clear discussion of the topics in such a manner that is comprehensible to the beginner, but sufficiently in-depth to challenge seasoned programmers. This book will be a very useful handbook for everyone who does graphics programming for Windows.

NET developer’s guide to writing graphics applications for Windows and the Web. NET Framework class library.

Mahesh Chand is a. NET consultant and the founder and administrator of two popular community Web sites, www. He has been working with. NET since the pre-beta releases. Product detail Title no longer available. Table of Contents Figures.


Elimination of Handles and Device Contexts. Draw and Fill Methods. Regions and Their Styles. Forms as a Surface. Printers as a Surface. Bitmaps as a Surface. The Cartesian Coordinate System. Creating a Windows Application.

Getting a Graphics Object in an Application. Creating Pens and Brushes. Building and Running the Application. The Point and PointF Structures.

The Rectangle and RectangleF Structures. The Size and SizeF Structures. Miscellaneous Graphics Class Methods. Drawing a Pie Chart. Working with Brushes and Pens.

Prrogramming and Using Brushes. Pen Class Properties and Methods. System Pens and System Brushes. Colors, Fonts, and Text. Accessing the Graphics Object. Font Types in Windows. Constructing a Font Object. Working with Text and Strings.

Rendering Text with Quality and Performance. Getting All Installed Fonts on a System. A Simple Text Editor.

Graphics Programming with GDI+ : Mahesh Chand :

Constructing a Rectangle Object. Constructing a RectangleF Object. Rectangle Properties and Methods. Constructing a Region Object. The Complement, Exclude, and Union Methods. The Xor and Intersect Methods. GetBounds and Other Methods. Regions, Nonrectangular Forms, and Controls.

Raster and Vector Images. An Image Viewer Application.

Creating an Image Object. Creating a Thumbnail of an Image. Rotating and Flipping Images. Zooming In bby Out. Creating a Bitmap Object. The Bitmap Class Methods and Properties.

Drawing Transparent Graphics Objects. Using a Picture Box to View Images. Saving Images with Different Sizes.

  ISO 12647-7 PDF

Drawing Grayscale or Other Color Images. Reading a Metafile Header. Color Mapping Using Color Objects. The Color Remap Table. Image Attributes and the ImageAttributes Class. Encoder Parameters and Image Formats. The Encoder and EncoderParameter Classes. Converting a Bitmap to Other Formats. Line Caps and Line Styles 9.

Adding Line Caps and Styles. Getting and Setting Line Caps and Styles. Understanding and Using Graphics Paths. Creating a GraphicsPath Object. Shaped Forms and Graphics Paths. GraphicsPath Properties and Methods. The Graphics Path Iterator. Saving and Restoring Graphics States.

Graphics Programming with GDI+

channd Working with Graphics Containers. Reading Metadata of Images. Adding Multicolor Support to Gradients. Mahhesh, Pens, and Alpha Blending. Alpha Blending and Images. Compositing Mode and Blending. Miscellaneous Advanced 2D Topics.

The Matrix Class and Transformation. The Graphics Class and Transformation. Global, Local, and Composite Transformations. Color Transformation and the Color Matrix. Matrix Operations in Image Processing.

The Significance of Transformation Order. Overview of the Printing Process. How Is Drawing Different from Printing? Conceptual Flow of the Printing Process.

Programmatic Flow of the Printing Process.

Your First Printing Application. A Printer Settings Example.