First published in , Vine Deloria Jr.’s God Is Red remains the seminal work on Native religious views, asking new questions about our species and our. God is Red: A Native View of Religion, 30th Anniversary Edition [Vine Deloria Jr., Leslie Silko, George E. Tinker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. God Is Red [Vine Deloria Jr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Deloria offers an alternative to Christianity through a return to Indian beliefs.

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Dell Publishing Company, For the reader who belongs to the mainstream of American culture, God Is Red will be an experience both provocative and provoking—provocative because Deloria raises questions not often raised in America until very recently, provoking because of the book’s rare mixture of keen insights and telling satirical thrusts. By now Vine Deloria needs no introduction. God Is Red illustrates the reasons for its author’s popularityfrom its catchy, punning title to its careful documentation.

Beginning the book, the reader may suspect that he has a misbound copy, for the first three chapters, some twenty percent of the text, do not deal with religion at all. However, those who bear with Deloria will find that what he has to say here about the modern Indian movement and American attitudes concerning the Indian is informative, if not completely relevant.

America loves Indians, Deloria points out, so long as they adhere to the ways of the picturesque past. When they start to occupy valuable U.

God is Red: A Native View of Religion : the Classic Work Updated – Vine Deloria – Google Books

But the strongest section of the book comes when the author gets to his real subject: Deloria digs into the origins of the white man’s exploitation of both the “pagan” peoples and their land. Similarly, the earth was only man’s temporary abode, a sort of entryway into the afterlife; what difference delroia the natural resources were depleted and the land despoiled?


Serious as he is, Deloria does not simply deliver a tirade.

He makes the book palatable with occasional flashes of scathing wit, as when he sums up his view of Billy Graham: Having never attended a seminary, he did not have the opportunity to study Christian history or doctrine and thus had no chance to be led astray by the facts. He once related that he had no doubts whatsoever about Christianity since when he was converted on a golf course in Florida.

Some years ago when Dr. Graham addressed a men’s group in England, he compared life to a golf course in which one need only follow the rules to be greeted by the Lord after the game was over.

God Is Red: A Native View of Religion

Perhaps the greatest golfer of them all? Salvation for America lies, according to Deloria, not in a collective yod of guilt for the sins of the past, but in a willingness to learn from Indian religions, whose respect for the land, its animal and vins life, and for its very rocks and soil, can teach the majority of Americans how to save themselves from the ecological nightmare we have created.

God Is Red is not uniformly good throughout.

There is a too-lengthy digression on the astronomical theories of Immanuel Velikovsky, whose Worlds in Collision has been ridiculed by the scientific community— apparendy for good reason. But Deloria praises the book excessively, perhaps because it suggests that there are more things in heaven and earth especially heaven than are dreamt of in Western religion and science. At times Deloria seems to fail to discriminate between major and minor abuses.


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