Check out #Geopietra images on Instagram: latest posts and popular posts about #Geopietra. Each stone wall is unique, and as a result #Geopietra offers the possibility of numerous . Foto catalogo @geopietra #paltrav #stilepaltrav #muroinpietra # pietra. Images, videos and stories in instagram about geopietra. Foto catalogo @ geopietra #paltrav #stilepaltrav #muroinpietra #pietra #geopietra

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Images tagged with #geopietra on instagram

Geopietra wall also fits in with the spirit of the design with its timeless charm. The architect Rovagna appreciated the stone sizes and shades in the Ono Degno model.

With a good understanding of how the technical implementation is inseparable from the final look of the design, the special over-grout finish with natural GeoBi mortar was selected. They are the beating heart of the setting that surrounds them. Along with Geopietra wall they create unique atmospheres and make great emotional impact. The wide variety of Geopietra wall models and shades, combined with its versatility in matching with different materials, make it possible to create customised finishes and settings that enhance all styles.

The stone walls cover the cladding system with a luminous texture. This elegant residence spreading over one floor has large windows that embrace and face onto an geopietta patio, Zen garden, solarium and swimming pool, creating a real oasis of peace.

Lavori ultimati e clienti soddisfatti, compresi quelli a quattro zampe!! Progetto per un piccolo soggiorno caldo e accogliente.

Each stone wall is unique, and as a result Geopietra offers the possibility of numerous combinations of textures, profiles, shades and finishes. The hotel’s perimeter skirting has been completed with murogeopietra using the guaranteed Mastrosistema solution.

The stones are arranged in a repeating pattern, were selected in shades and sizes typical of the area, and finished using a dry technique.


The warm ambience of the hotel is apparent at the entrance, which is double the height of the bar. Il sistema muro Geopietra, in vendita presso Paltrav, si avvale, per i modelli con profilo Scagliato,Squadrato e Spontaneo, delle scaglie GEOFIT, piccole scaglie studiate per velocizzare la geopiehra e completare a livello estetico il muro.

Ti aspettiamo presso il nostro Showroom a Lestans per mostrarti i modelli posati, potrai avere un preventivo specifico per te e realizzare anche a casa tua un muro Geopietra. Geopietra, la scelta di Paltrav per le murature a secco! They are the symbol of an escape from stress and the frenetic pace of modern life. Fully-fledged corners of paradise for recharging the batteries amid comfort and nature. Chalets with the cosy warmth of a rustic vibe, but with attention to detail and the latest designs.

This is the very setting where Murogeopietra has always been able to achieve full expression, with models, colours, installation methods and finishes compatible with the most original architectural choices and current structural energy saving requirements. Applicazione di una parete in geopietra. The architect David Iltis has transformed an old veranda added to an early 19th century villa in the s into a splendid, welcoming kitchen.

In questo esterno troviamo tre grandi prodotti, che lo hanno reso veramente piacevole e ben riuscito! Pavimento 30×60 di sichenia. Experience gained by Geopietra in over 20 years of work on sites in Italy and Europe highlighted the need to manufacture accessories to give coverings a suitable finish.

Among these is the innovative Geocover coping for wall coverings, which is exceptionally strong and frost resistant. Sensual brown is the colour of wood, the earth, chocolate and coffee. It represents natural craft materials.

Murogeopietra capitalises on the countless hues and shades of brown to provide a wide range of models in this versatile colour. The masterful treatment of the wood, the perfect choice of Geopietra stone and the careful attention to detail make this welcoming residence the perfect refuge for enjoying the anticipation of the first snow. Geopietra – the most authentic manufactured stone veneer in the world.


Transmitting calm and freedom, maybe this colour is the most mysterious. Geopietar definitely synonymous with absolute elegance.

The Geopietra white and its hues. The refined, hospitable atmosphere, attention to detail and passion for good wine are all typically Italian. The wide range of brick models available can be customised with specific shades and finishes to meet any style requirements.

The art of building

Dach und Einfassung in Geopiietra. Geopietra wall is dedicated to those who wish to build in harmony with the landscape and seek the emotion of the period, without losing out on innovative, high-performing materials.

The new system can be incorporated with murogeopietra perfectly without wall plugs or splits, even on external cladding. Customising your surrounding environment is essential for personal wellbeing and is as subjective as the choice of nice clothes that represent us. Geopietra walls upgrade and give interiors character, making them the main feature, be it a chalet or other period constructions, or modern settings with sought-after designs. The wide range of models and colours enable the creation of numerous combinations that make an impact, either with traditional or contemporary finishes.

The Ligure villa made with Geopietra wall solutions is a subtle protagonist, and seems to be concealed in its surroundings.

Dubai World Trade Centre.