In the case of Fru’ of al-Kafi which consist of volumes three to volume seven, the Furu’ al-Kafi (volume 3 – 7): The rules of conduct, the practical laws of the. The contents of al-Kafi are precious gifts from Ahl al-Bayt (the fourteen infallible This part is called Furu’ al-Kafi Branches of the Islamic system that consists of . Al-Kafi is the first-ever complete English translation of the first and foremost ‘ Usul al-Kafi (Volumes 1 & 2) Al‑Furu’ (Branches) (Volumes 3 through 7).

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An interview with any one of them would serve as an interview with all and every one of them.

In short it may be justifiably said that no issue related with various forms and signs of belief and unbelief is left undiscussed in length. It records prayers recommended by the Imams for a variety of situations and occasions.

Kitab al-‘ashribah, dealing with the issues related to drinking permissible and prohibitedcovers 62 traditions under 11 sections. Unfortunately with the development of the comprehensive collections, the usul must have become less important, and only a few survive in manuscript. An important feature of al-Kafi is its order and comprehensiveness. Al-Kulaini’s life’s work took place during the time of the sufara’ of the Mahdi the agents who acted on behalf of the Hidden Imam during the lesser occultation, al ghaiba al-sughra.

Shia The Four Books. This opinion was held by the traditionists of the Shia faith, and all the great scholars in the first four centuries after Hijrah.

The furu’ contain many more traditions than the usul and there are 26 kutub. Here, Imam Al-Kulayni is stating that the only way to discern the authenticity of the Hadith is by applying the following principle: The total number of traditions of this book is The different laws concerning divorce are detailed in traditions from the Prophet and the Imams.

It has been held in the highest esteem by generation after generation of Muslim scholars. In this chapter knowledge ‘ilm is dealt with on the basis of its basic early Islamic meaning of the traditional knowledge of Islam, i.


It is compiled after the pattern of Usul. This page was last edited on 26 Julyat In fact, they have used Sunni Hadith as a basis for many events in history, such as the Incident of the Pen and Paper. He tried to save the faith from the arrogance of rationalism, which refused to accept any other authority except intellect.

Second Volume It also consists of four books. This chapter emphasizes that that relationship with God also encompasses man’s relationship with his fellow men.

We read the following statements by the leading classical Shia scholars: He has neither expressed his own views nor reported others’ judgements in order to preserve impartiality of the book, so that a scholar should remain free to form his own opinions. There are three ways to do this:. The authoratative Shia website, Al-Shia. He met with those companions of the Ahl al-Bayt a – or those who had seen them – to collect the hadith which had the least number of media and links.

The lack of this realization has led Muslim Ummah to accept many ideas and beliefs that are alien to Islam. These issues are usually treated as separate issues by most of the Islamic jurisprudents, but al-Kulayni has put them together in this book, and divided the book into 18 chapters covering traditions.

He first worked as a religious scholar and faqih student of fiqh or religious law among the Imami-Shi’i scholars of al-Raiy in Iran. The term can be roughly defined as covering all the acts that promote the Divine cause as well as welfare of human individual and society. Prominent scholars of Islamic studies in search of knowledge would meet him at his place to discuss, exchange notes and to confer with him for better understanding of the issues.

Al-Kafi – A Brief Outline

In fact, Imam Al-Kulayni was asked by another Shia to compile a book with only Ql Hadith because that particular Shia follower was confused as to which Hadith to follow and which not to. Man la yahduruh al-faqih.

Second Volume This volume begins with fhru second part of 1. H First volume A brief introduction of 6 pages beginning with the praise of God and the description of the attributes of His beauty and power, deals with the purpose of creation, particularly of man; after the mission of God’s messengers ending with the last Prophet S and the significance of the Quran and Amir al muminin A is discussed and the need for a continuous chain of infallible Imams A is substantiated with the support of the traditions.


However, it is agreed that it refers to a village in Iran, Kulain or Kulin; both were villages there. The first volume of Al-Kafi from the beginning to kitab al-Iman kfai l-kufr has been translated into English in 8 volumes by Muhammad Sarwar. O Lord make me know the one who ruru Your authority over the creatures for if You will not make me know him I kaci stray away from my religion. Also, some have included Mursal hadiths those hadith which do not have a complete chain of transmitterswhile others have not.

This part of the book consists of 47 chapters and traditions. Honorific formulas repeated after the name of scholars, Infallibles, and the Prophet are omitted.

The truth is that there is not a single classical Shia scholar of that time who did not believe that Imam Al-Kulayni presented this book to Imam Mehdi. Furthermore, when he saw no preference between two incompatible hadiths, he chose the one he deemed more correct and authentic. It is claimed that it took al-Kulaini twenty years to complete al-Kafi.

Al-Kafi – A Brief Outline – The Islamic Seminary Inc.

Being contemporary with the Four Deputies paved the way for him to best verify these hadiths. Third Volume This volume contains three books that deal with the issues concerning jihad struggle in the way of Godtrade and commerce, and marriage.

You expressed urgent need of such a book, and I hope that the present book would serve this purpose