FTTX Concepts and Applications [Gerd Keiser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book presents fundamental passive optical network. This book presents fundamental passive optical network (PON)concepts, providing you with the tools needed to understand,design, and build. FTTX concepts and applications / by Gerd Keiser. p. cm. — (Wiley series in telecommunications and signal processing) “A Wiley-Interscience publication.

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CBR provides the highest-priority service. The basis of this burst-mode transmitter function is the topic of Section 4. These BPON standards include quality-of-service guidelines based on the ATM transport protocol for various types of services, and they give procedures for the detection, registration, and ranging of installed ONTs. The upstream customer to central office return path for the data wpplications voice uses a nm wavelength.

For the other link components, Chapter 4 covers optical transmitters and receivers and Chapter 5 the operation of passive optical devices used in a PON. Grrd choice of a photodetector material is important since its semiconductor prop- erties determine the wavelength range over which the device will operate. The frame begins with a adn preamble that repeats the 8-bit pat- tern seven times. Chapter 6 Passive Optical Networks.

The result of this calculation is added to the frame and is rechecked at the destination. The spectrum of electromagnetic EM radiation is shown in Figure 2.

A special frame and time-slot structure is used to send and receive cells. This is a 3-dB attenuation or loss. Photo cour- tesy of Lightwaves; www.


Effect of SBS on signal power in an optical fiber. In addition, a light pulse from an optical source contains a certain slice of wavelength spectrum. The majority of connectors use a butt-joint coupling mechanism, as illustrated in Figure 5. The data rates can be either sym- metrical the same rate in both directions or asymmetrical, with higher rates being sent downstream from the OLT to the ONTs.

In an asymmetric transmission case e. Both unidirectional and bidirectional systems such as used in PON applications are included in the recommendation.

FTTX Concepts and Applications

apolications The encapsulated payload can be up to bytes long. What is the avalanche multiplication factor? As we saw in Figure 5. It includes propagation delays, queuing delays at various intermediate switches, and service times at queuing points.

The photodetector must have a high quantum efficiency to generate a large sig- nal power. Decrypting the ciphertext converts the data back into its original form. A protocol appllications a set of rules and conventions that governs the generation, formatting, control, exchange, and interpretation of information that is transmitted through a telecommunication network or that is stored in a database.

These measurement units are related by some simple equations. In FEC techniques, redundant information is transmitted along with the original information. The transmission system broadcasts these video services to sub- scribers by means applicqtions the same standard subcarrier multiplexed modulation scheme as CATV uses. A applucations network interconnects various cities or geo- graphical regions and spans hundreds to thousands of kilometers between cen- tral offices. In a group of seven telecommunication service companies formed a committee to develop ATM-based passive optical net- works.


Each 90 columns of bytes Path overhead Section Synchronous 9 rows and payload of bytes line envelope SPE overhead 1 column 3 columns 87 columns Figure 2. This can be seen from Figure 3.

Wiley-IEEE Press: FTTX Concepts and Applications – Gerd Keiser

The reason behind this option is applicationss a large percentage of the installed outside cable plant media in access networks consists of voice-grade, single-pair copper wires, and much of the installed media inside buildings is category 1, 2, or 3 twisted-pair copper wires. Keiser, Local Area Networks, 2nd ed. For PON applications the transmitters fall in between these two ex- tremes, with a major emphasis being low cost. Next, in Section 1. These can be located in residences, businesses, or IEEE The split- ting device simply divides the optical power into separate paths to the subscribers.

If another signal is snd at this longer wavelength, the SRS light will amplify it and the pump-wavelength signal will decrease in power. What are the power levels in microwatts of these signals at a 8 km; b 20 km? Finally, in Section 8. In this 8B10B encoding scheme, two extra redundant bits are incorporated into every 8-bit block of data to provide adequate timing for signal recovery and to have error-monitoring features.