Buy Fotek SSRDA SSR DA Solid State Relay 25A, input VDC, output load 25A at VAC: Solid State Relays – ✓ FREE DELIVERY. I did a third search on FOTEK SSR counterfeit and discovered This Article as well as hundreds of forum conversations claiming counterfeit. And even though. Find great deals on eBay for SSRDA in Automation Relays. Shop with confidence. New (No Box) Fotek SSRDA-H Solid State Relay. Input: 3- 32VDC.

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Solid State Relays

I can ssf the SSR on and off fine with the Arduino, and can have it power a decent sized load okay I can have it turn on and off a heat gun plugged in to the SSR controlled extension cord just fine. I know about inrush surge current when a compressor starts but it should 255da well within the limits of the SSR.

When I plug the chest freezer in directly to the mains electricity it draws about 55W on a continuous basis when running and after the startup surgewhich indicates that the inrush surge is about 10x the continuous current, which is about what is expected.

But it shuts off after a few seconds. I am not sure if the SSR is real or not, and some reports that there are fake ones that are underrated. MorganS Shannon Member Posts: Well, is the SSR or any component overheating?


Considering Solid-State Relays (SSR) for your projects

Unplug first before putting your finger on it. He has taught electronics http: Hi, Sounds like you are getting ElectroMagnetic Interference. How is this physically wired? Where is the Arduino? How is 25ds powered.? Try just putting 5V on the SSR control.

I bet the freezer stays on; and if it does that proves the Arduino is fitek hung from electrical noise. Regards, Terry King terry yourduino.

MorganS, Nothing is overheating. That was my first thought, but the SSR just stays cool. I have also tried just putting it on the 5V pin just to lock it up, but can try it completely separated with a 5V walwart or the like.

Or you can use a 9V battery. Dont leave it where it possibly could start a fire. A few weeks OK – then a terrible smell. The SSR totally burnt.

I 25ra dare use them unattended. It’s highly possible you have a counterfeit product. Many of the 25A and 40A have crippled ratings. You’ll need an SSR rated for inductive load, usually a random triggered type not zero-cross type. Robin2 Brattain Member Posts: I have no experience of SSRs but I do have a fridge controlled with an Arduino using an electro-mechanical relay.


I think the present relay is rated at 16A or 20A AC v system. This A rated fridge runs from a quasi-sine-wave inverter and the inrush current has overloaded 2 x w inverters even though they were supposed to have overload protection.

When it is running I see a 12v current of about 6 amps but at startup I regularly see 50 or 60 amps for a few seconds. Do not underestimate the size of the inrush current.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

Inferior Counterfeit FOTEK SSR Solid State Relays on the Market – ProtoSupplies

MarkT Brattain Member Posts: Fridge motors are induction motors, you fofek an SSR rated for such a highly inductive load with the right snubber circuitry. They also take large currents at start up so the current handling must be up to scratch. Yes, there are lots of reports of counterfeited fotek units that are dangerous, never buy mains-rated equipment you are not sure of.