“Elettrologia, Magnetismo e Ottica” e vol. “Fisica Moderna” S. Focardi, I. Massa, A. Uguzzoni, Fisica Generale (Onde), Casa Editrice Ambrosiana – P. Mazzoldi. Focardi, Massa, Uguzzoni, Fisica Generale, Onde e Ottica, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana Salandin, Pavan, Problemi di Fisica risolti e commentati, volume 2 , Casa. Yestogo Eco Tour. Siamo la prima agenzia specializzata a Firenze con noleggio di veicoli sostenibile, machine elettriche, e-bike, risciĆ² e eco tour.

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Fisica 1 Sergio Focardi. The meaning of foczrdi. Diffraction of a rectilinear slit. The equations of the TdS. Electric field representation by means of field lines. Electrostatic energy of a point charge system. Electrostatic field in the neighborhood of a surface layer of charging. University database Additional Course Details. Measurement of electrical charges.

Gestione Didattica – Politecnico di Torino

The proposed practices one the use of the pocket calculator. The second part of a module-exam consists of exercises relating to the topics introduced during knde lectures, aimed to verify that the student is able to deal with real problems by using the physics principles and laws, in order to get the numerical values of the requested physical quantities, expressed in the proposed units, thus revealing experience in dimensional analysis and ability to execute calculations with the required approximation; the assessment is based on the accuracy of the numerical results.


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Magnetic field produced by a current. Filter your search Filter by categories. Second principle of the thermodynamics.

Zeroth law of thermodynamics. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

The equations of the magnetic field. Spherical and Cilindrical waves. Energy conservation and Poynting theorem. Harmonic plane waves and Fourier Analysis. Mean value and root-mean-square value effective value.

Texts, readings, handouts and other learning resources 1 P. Risk Management Sergio M. Plane electromagnetic wave energy. Relations between macroscopic thermodynamic quantities and microscopic mechanical quantities. Equation of state of an ideal gas. The interaction between two charged particles in uniform motion. Magnetic focarxi of matter. Impedance, resistance, reactance, admittance, conductance and susceptance. Magnetic force and its characteristics.

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Poisson and Laplace’s equations. Gauss law for the magnetic field in integral and local form. Energy density associated to a magnetic field. Ohm’s law of electrical conduction. Jewett, “Fisica per scienze ed ingegneria”, vol. Further details about the exam tests and their evaluation are available at the web oytica Search Course unit catalogue. Energy of the electrostatic field.


Quantitative Equity Investing Frank J.

General Physics 2 and Laboratory (the English translation of “Fisica Generale 2 con laboratorio”)

Transversality of the electromagnetic waves. Calculation of the electrostatic potential.

Electrostatic energy density associated with an electric field. Gauss’s law in differential form. Home Prospective students Current students Exchange students Graduates. Electrostatics and magnetostatics in matter: The Gauss law for the electric field. Spectrum of em waves. General equations of electrostatics in the presence of dielectrics. Programma definitivo per l’A. Absence of the magnetic charge. Property of ideal gases.

19704 – General Physics B

Problemi di fisica generale. Efficiency of a heat engine.

Work of the electric force. Full marks with distinction laude is attributed to a module-exam grade if both exam parts question and exercises show an excellent skill of the student.