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FNM Photo. The Free National Movement (FNM) last night unveiled Manifesto , pledging among other things to introduce a National. The Free National Movement (abbreviated FNM) is a conservative political party in The the governing PLP on corruption charges and published a Manifesto. Ingraham´s retirement held on 15 October , reducing the total FNM seat. Download. DNA Manifesto. FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT (FNM), Learn more · Download. FNM Manifesto · Download · FNM Manifesto.

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Bailey Park, Thursday April 12, I hear others complaining about all those posters of me being put up around this island. Well, that is what we do during election time in Ffnm Bahamas.

FNM Releases Manifesto 2012

We put up posters to remind voters of their choices. Very importantly, we want to remind voters that they are electing a Government. Each voter will vote for a single candidate but that candidate is a part of a team.


Each team has a Leader. You are voting to determine if you want the FNM to be the Government or some other party.

Something must have happened — something huge and transformational because the last time they manigesto elected they certainly were not ready. Our Constitution requires that there be a Cabinet of at least 8 ministers and that 2 of those — the Prime Minister and the Attorney General — must be filled at all times. That requires that the first act of a Prime Minister upon being sworn into office fnn to appoint an Attorney General — forthwith; no delay.

It took him until May 10th — 7 days to appoint an Attorney General. So for a full week the office of the Attorney General was vacant. This has never ever happened before in this country or in any other country with our system of Government.

This is distinctly and uniquely a creation and result of Perry Gladstone Christie. More likely never ever ready. Habit fine tuned; filled with excuses and lots of words. Lots of big words ordinary folk need dictionaries to understand.


FNM releases its Manifesto | The Tribune

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