Author of Face Lifting by Exercise Senta Maria Runge originator of facial exercises, has devoted almost 30 years to develop facial exercises, introduced by. Results 1 – 30 of 52 Face lifting by exercise by Runge, Senta Maria and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Senta Maria Runge’s book Face Lifting By Exercise is available online for free.

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Fresh air and deep breathing helps to relax and to concentrate.

Daily roll your head, bending it backward and forward; then turn it to the left and the right three times in succession. God bless you for revealing to us your method. Keep shoulder blades straight against the wall and pull them somewhat down. First count, then move the muscles to your count.

Senta Maria Runge

The voluntary tools, on the other hand, for facial expression, are muscles which are partially or completely attached to the skin and activated by subconscious or conscious will to determine the appearance of the face. The best way not always the easiest thoughis to learn and find out through making mistakes.

The leading mus- cles in the movement must be the weakest ones, as indicated by the droopiest muscle skin. Facial muscles cannot be adequately strengthened by normal activities such as blinking, smiling, eating, talking, etc. Age is no excuse or exception for not obtaining instant results. In every one of these places where we move the muscles, we have a potential line, fold, furrow or dimple.

Many current fantastic,empowering testimonials included throughout the book. And, very confidentially, a suntan is fashionable only until a certain age, which the moisture content of a skin will determine. A child’s skin does not etch lines from squinting, laughing or frowning, because a moist skin simply cannot crease, as does a dry skin, and the drier the skin, the deeper the lines will etch.


As mentioned previously, the beauty of the skin depends on its moisture liting. This applies also to the scowl line s – vertical lines – between the brows. This busy woman, besides having become a recognized leader in the field of facial rejuvenation, has found time to raise a family of four.

Face Lifting By Exercise. All these operations can be done from within the nose and, therefore, leave no visible scars. Consciously and gradually return chin muscles, lips and last the head to the starting position.

As we know, sunlight is vital to liftng, and that of Summertime, brings with it extra added health and beauty. The skin is merely a thin covering over the flesh that has to go along with the muscle formation and, alternately, will return to the size of the muscle flesh when shortened through isometric exercises.

Marka lines are muscles which have formed into lines by the habit of holding them in this position.

Based on this idea, she was determined to find a way to resist all major muscle sections which would permit the longest and slowest muscle expansion possible. Your mental attitude and emotional life, both, are illustrated in it; the quality of your personality shows in your expression.

While keeping this pull steady, turn head to right, gradually in an even line until you can look over your right shoulder.

Depending on its ability to do this Job, your facial expression may increase or decrease the value of your basic state of beauty. The basic principle of the method is to keep the entire face and body relaxed and to move the designated muscle group only. Surgical face lifting performed on women who decide on this procedure, with the hope of winning lifying the husband with whom a great part of the life has been shared, bear, in most cases, sentz unhappy end.

Those muscular movements leave creases in the skin.


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Instead of saying to yourself: To move the designated mus- cles evenly and in their fullest range into YOUR habitual scowl line s. Have been erasing wrinkles like mad. Since the book is belatedly protected by copyright, emailing it to others would be questionably illegal. Because of the skin, you are unable to see the actual muscle structure of your face. On the contrary, massage has been designed for the purpose of relaxing muscles. One which is caused by collapsed muscles beneath the skin of the throat and the other by incorrect head and body posture.

We can ‘smile’ our lower cheek flesh backward with the little curved vertical line beside each mouth corner. Incidentally, protein and the Vitamin B’s, are essential muscle-building supplements. Then, upon awakening, tell yourself again: Do not deceive yourself by tensing up in the lower eyelids instead of actually trying to move the brows down.

Consequently, it stands to reason that a thin face receives more benefit from a lift than a fat face. With fingers push both eyebrows upward to their youthful, original position, and hold them there gently firm as a resistance.

Instantly after applying step-movements around chin.

Senta Maria Runge – free online facial exercise book

It has been said that a beautiful soul can exist only in a beautiful frame, which is the outer you, and that the soul can express itself nowhere more perfectly than in the face. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Gravity’s pull over many years has now accomplished a matron’s face.

Slowly drop head backward, then raise and return to starting position.