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European Technical Approval Guidance (ETAGs) previously used More Info, ETAG – Art 66(3) – Plastic anchors for fixing of external thermal insulation. ETAG – Read more about anchor, anchors, concrete, installation, etag and products. Technical Assessment ETA/ () on the basis of ETAG used as an EAD. The notified body. CPR performed third.

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Welcome Please sign-in Password lost? Masonry for small elements, facings and walls. Roofing made from corrugated metal panels DTU Roofing made from ribbed panels made from coated steel sheet.

Roofing made from ribbed aluminum sheet, ready painted or not. Waterproofing work on terrace roofing with manory structural elements. Implementing ribbed steel roofing with waterproof coatings.


Roofing made from wooden structural elements and panels derived from wood with sealing coatings. Rebuilding waterproofing works on terrace or inclined roofs.

Thin stone attached wall coverings.

Roof waterproofing using single coat synthetic membranes made from PVC-P not compatible with bitumen and covered by a Wtag Opinion or an Application Document. Wind resistance by waterproofing systems for mechanically mounted roofing.

Insulation wind resistance, roof waterproofing system media.

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Roof waterproofing system media in French overseas departments DOM. European Technical Approval Guide – Metal plug anchors for concrete.

Flexible waterproofing sheet systems for roofing mounted mechanically. Plastic plug anchors for composite thermal insulation systems applied from the outside.

Thermo-Facade Dowels

Plastic plug anchors for concrete and masonry applications. Chimical sealing plugs for masonry applications.

Stairways and ladders with guard rails. Standard NF EN Pre-fabricated accessories for roofing: Protection against falling from heights. RT Thermal Regulations. Identify yourself and enjoy privileges Quality to build the best Our specialized sites Etanco group:. To access this service, please Login. If you have not yet registered.