ORDER THE BOOK E-BOOK Kindle Apple Books Google Play NOOK Kobo The Ninja Nicholas Linnear #1 Description The New York Times–bestselling novel. Titles in the Series The Ninja The Miko White Ninja The Kaisho Floating City Second Skin The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear The Oligarch’s Daughter. Unfortunately, this is one of several such things that Eric Van Lustbader wants to show his readers in his De Sadean martial arts mega-seller.

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After a long process too tortuous to go into here, which included two high-profile directors and three screenwriters, the project was shelved when a new head of production was hired at 20th [Century Fox] and put into turnaround [trans. I had gotten interested in ukiyo-e Japanese prints. In short order, I became friends with the couple who owned the gallery. It was a nexus for many Japanese visiting or emigrating to the US.

I started asking questions and immediately became fascinated by these modern-day masters of chaos. The old kabuki magician image of shinobi characters like Sarutobi Sasuke had no legs in the West.

Although mystical lore was suggested in various martial arts theses, notions of cultish assassins were out there in more abundance, and the hooded commando image had been introduced in the Bond movie. The stereotypes, conventions, tropes, etc. It was wide open territory.

Nicholas Linnear is of mixed race — a white father, part of the post WWII occupation force in Japan, and a mother of deliberately mysterious pan-Asian descent.

Politics and subterfuge lead to the deaths of his parents, a grudge gets passed to the next generation, and he flees Japan.

Decades later, Linnear is a graphic designer living a playboy life in New York City. Saigo, meanwhile, devolves into an urban monster, frequenting a brothel where he victimizes young boys and sinking further into an opiate drug habit that somehow aids his almost sorcerer-like powers. The final showdown between Linnear and Saigo happens in that lusbader of locations — the under-construction luxury skyscraper. Linnear uses him as bait, and it comes down to ninja-vs-ninja — ancient weapons used in a duel amidst modern architecture and office computers.

Copious sex, cultural stereotypes used for flavor, red-light seedy locals interspersed with glass and chrome digs of the rich and you can just see the Nagel prints on the walls nnija, violence in lurid detail and eventually explosions abound, along with plenty of set-up for sequels. So yeah, eriic blockbuster novel.

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Nicholas Linnear Novels

With time and perspective and some nostalgiaI actually enjoy The Ninja now more than I ninjq back in the day. I approach the book now like one should most Best Sellers and read it for entertainment. The first [director] to be attached was Irvin Kirshner. He was so not. I sat in on a lot of the pre-production meetings, all of which were a disaster. Then the script came in.

It was virtually luwtbader.

It was a hot mess. Carpenter, as it turned out, was also wrong for the film, and he left after a frustrating year of not being able to come up with a filmable draft.

I have family who have been in the film business all their lives. They threw out that first script, for instance. She was also wonderful to me. Very warm and open, but all the film decisions were made by Dick and David. Another interesting question is what pustbader overall look and general feel of the movie have been.

Conversely, the s was a decade that very aggressively wanted an identity of its own, and actively distanced itself from music, cinematic and pop culture trends of the disco 70s.

Location would have dictated a lot as well. Had it been even partially co-produced or nninja with Japanese studio cooperation, some scenes could have been erkc in Japan on the familiar Toho or Daiei jidaigeki sets, as had Shogun. I was ninjja high on Richard Gere to play Nicholas; he had the right look, and I liked his acting. Damn, I love love love the idea of Richard Gere, circa ish, playing Linnear, and according to the author nknja was the closest to getting the gig.

As for the question of physical trials, one need look no further than the superb An Officer and a Gentlemen for proof that the actor would have been up to the task. His fight scene with Louis Gosset Jr. Jan-Michael Vincent around that same time period comes to mind, between action films like Defiance and Hooper but pre- Air Wolf. What about Japanese or other Asian actors? This was the era of Joel Grey in heavy yellow-face make-up playing lusfbader ancient kung-fu master in Remo Williams while Mako and Keye Luke sat home unemployed.

Where you DO get a meaty role for an Asian actor is in alternate-reality dream casting of Saigo! Sonny Chiba was a name in the States from the Streetfighter films, came with his own stunt erlc, and also provided the opportunity for Japanese box office for an international co-production. Tadashi Yamashita was a natural as well. Another interesting speculation — fight choreographer. And whereas Masaaki Hatsumi had been a technical consultant on the first Shinobi-no-Mono films, would a burgeoning Stephen K.


Hayes been given a similar opportunity in Hollywood? Last year, copies started showing up for sale of a script draft for The Ninja dated January 24, Now, try to remember the state of the ninja boom at that point. The Domination were fixtures on cable and VHS rental. In hindsight, Revenge might have luwtbader solely greenlit and rushed into production based on the Lustbader book being in nunja across town.

They raced to beat it to the screen, like Deep Impact did to Armageddon or Tombstone did to Wyatt Earpand may have done it so well that the second bigger movie never came out as a result. None of those films did well, and with each release 20th grew more and more reluctant to go ahead with the project. It seems as if it will never be made in the image of my novel.

THE NINJA by Eric Van Lustbader | Kirkus Reviews

Do you hate that? What about Nicholas Linnear and his own ninja skills? Brothels, blowguns, hypnosis tricks and poison shuriken abound. The under-construction skyscraper infiltration is still the climactic set-piece, followed by the doppleganger dead body swerve and the limo scene — those being firmly established crutches of the horror genre anyway.

But the cast of victims is hard to care about. Also, by then, Ninja III: Check out his official web site. We asked the author about his first exposure in that pre-boom period: Talent behind the camera certainly would have indicated a big hit, as the author attests: So why not ask the author for an adaptation?

If not Gere, then who? So cool… But such was never to be.

I always believed that, until… Last year, copies started showing up for sale of a script draft for The Ninja dated January 24, And it raises more questions than answers. A look at the script suggests that. I was one of about 12 people there on opening night.