4) EpoX 8KA versus the 8KA+ – What’s the difference? Just a raid controller? Basically all I need is the cpu and mb. I have the other parts. File type, PE32 executable (GUI) Intel (stripped to external PDB), for MS Windows. PEhash. Runtime Details: Screenshot. Process. Creates Mutex. Creates Mutex. Creates File, C:\Windows\System32\ Creates File, C:\Windows\System32\ Creates File.

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Hello and thanks for reading. I have been out of the hardware loop for quite some time now and I’m thinking of upgrading. I am a duron fan and am currently running a mhz on an AMD irongate chipset generic mobo.

What is a good ghz duron motherboard? – Ars Technica OpenForum

I want to upgrade my cpu to the 1. I want a board with nothing integrated, I dont care about agp 4x and i only need ddr what do they call it ? ANyway the first ddr step. Or Should I say any good chipsets come to mind?

  CSI 9420 PDF

If you are going to jump to 1. As far as boards go, any board with the KTa or Nforce chipsets are pretty stable.

What is a good 1.3 ghz duron motherboard?

Get a KT board if you want the best performance. I also agree on getting a low end XP. Price differnce isn’t that much and you will get more performance. Thanks guys I took your suggestions and went to pricewatch.

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

I’m also going with the athlonxp 1. I thought dram was 2x mhz? PC – mhz clock 1. I believe you can unlock your Athlon, lower the multiplier, run a fsb, and still keep everything else in spec because the board has the proper dividers. Crucial, Samsung, Corsair, Mushkin although most would tell you that generic would be just fine, i haven’t fpox that to be the case. PC – 8kka clock 2.

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Meaning I could set the FSB to mhz and then set the ram bus at either pc or depending on what type of ram I choose? Is eepox a software bios setting on modern motherboards? What is a good 1. No, PC is Mhz. Jun 28, Posts: Wed Jul 17, 1: K8a 24, Posts: Wed Jul 17, 2: Mar 28, Posts: Grendel99 Ars Centurion Registered: Aug 5, Posts: Wed Jul 17, 4: Aug 14, Posts: Wed Jul 17, 5: Riso Ars Praefectus Registered: Feb 5, Posts: Wed Jul 17, May 25, Posts: Wed Jul 17, 8: