SREĆNA NOVA ! децембра enigma 0 · децембра enigma GALERIJA. VIDEO ENIGMA · FOTO ENIGMA. TRAŽI. Претрага за. Ovo je za sada moja najveca ukrstenica (tip je skandinavka) koja je objavljenja. Uradjena je godine, a objavio ju je casopis Bravo Skandi kao svoje. The Enigma of the Gajda Affair in Czechoslovak. Politics in .. of the Gentlemen’s Coalition], CeskoslovenskEvy casopis historicky, 18, no. ().

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SkorDisk Enigma – On English, Serbian and Croatian language

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Nedělní Blesk předplatné – Noviny –

Abstract At the beginning, the interdisciplinary character of psoriasis encroaching into numerous fields of medicine as well as non-medical enimga is emphasized.


The disease has been found an interesting field for genetic studies, also entering the fields of endocrinology and pathophysiology, and as a psychosomatic phenomenon arising many questions in the domain of psychiatry and psychology. With the associated joint and bone alterations, psoriasis is an intriguing cadopis for an array of medical disciplines, e.

Pediatrics is involved through psoriasis in children, and ophthalmology through ocular symptoms of the disease. The therapeutic use of ultraviolet rays introduces psoriasis in the field of photobiology, and the impact of diet into the domain of dietetics.

časopis Vitalita

Also, alternative medicine is involved to a greater extent in psoriasis than in any other disease. This survey is followed by a historical account of psoriasis, revealing that the disease was known in all periods of the development of mankind that have left written documents behind.

However, it was only toward the end of the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th century that psoriasis was recognized and described as a unique and independent disease.

The prevalence of psoriasis in Europe und USA ranges between 1. The disease is rare in blacks, Indians and enibma race, whereas in Eskimos it is not found at all. Then, psoriasis is presented as a hereditary disease, the onset of which requires the action of so-called provocative factors triggering the hereditary elements.


Psoriasis most commonly develops at the age of years, i.

Nedělní Blesk

Then, the morphological classification of psoriasis according to clinical picture is presented, with a historical account of pathophysiologic and etiologic concepts over the past hundred years. And finally, the basic trends and concepts of the treatment of psoriasis are described, with special reference to the fact that eingma should be considered a skill rather than a schematic procedure.

The possibilities and value of preventive measures, emphasizing the role of patient health education in the complex treatment of the disease, are presented. How does Europe PMC derive its citations network? CitePeer Related Articles http: Gene Ontology GO Terms.