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Go to My Homepageor e-mail me at: Homepage Composers Synopses Index of works Information. Siento ganas de vivirla otra vez. From this peaceful neighborhood of Madrid, where I spent my youth, one radiant morning I departed with nothing more than my self-belief.

El Guitarrico | Frontera Project

I dreamt of impossible love and great days of triumph, and my fortunes have been so auspicious that I have grasped them. How forget the much-loved neighborhood where I felt the first stirrings of love?

Magic dawn in my heart where I learnt to dream! And the road of life I fuitarrico without more fortune than the courage to follow the flag and love of an ideal. The Goddess Fortune has followed me; good company for a soldier.

With Fortune for companion, on guitarrido wings I fly to wherever she wants. Like a backwater of peace and of love, in my hectic life, this place – what feelings it evokes! It is the life that recalls my humble childhood.

I long to live it again. But then I flew like a poor sparrow, today my wings aspire to fly like the Imperial Eagle! Luche la fe por el triunfo Vidal.

Luche la fe por el triunfo de un ideal redentor.

Por el amor de una mujer todo en la vida es hacedero. Nada me importa en la vida como la luz de su amor. Rabia de celos me impulsa y ella me inspira el valor. Faith fights for the victory of a liberating ideal. I, that am just a man, fight for my love. By confronting me for life and death with the rival of my dead dreams, liberty has found a faithful defender. For the love of a woman that I adore, if I must fight, I will know how to quarrel; if I must lose, I will know how to die. The ideal behind my ambition is the love of the woman that I adore.

For the love of a woman anything in the world is possible. And the ideal behind my ambition is my love for her. Nothing in life matters to me as much as the light of her love. Jealous anger moves me, and she inspires valour in me. The summit of my ambition is the love of the woman I adore. For those one loves, one fights with fervour, happy to die! Mi sufrir no es vivir, y pido a Dios morir; que es el mayor pesar amar. Por ella no duermo y es mi gran pena, tenerla yo miedo porque no es buena.


My madness has no cure. My suffering is no life, and I ask God for death; as the greatest burden is to love. Little bird, that flies, spread your wings, and with your golden throat tell my beloved, tell her, if she is alone, that I am mad, because she does not love me and she loves another. For her I cannot sleep and my deepest hurt, is to be afraid because she is not good. Tell her that tonight at the fiesta I will be watching her, and that if she does not glance at me I will die for her.

Tell her I am raving and sigh for her, since I live for her love. That without her I cannot pray any more to the Saints, that I don’t sing as before in the lanes, and when at times I try to sing, it’s as if I were choking, because all at once I sing and cry, like the babies, like the babies!

I dream of her. I’m ashamed to have wept alone in my bedroom, knowing she is wicked, that she’s a she-wolf. Tell her that I always see her wherever she is, and long to burn in her sighs. Tell her I’m raving, and sigh for her, since Gjitarrico live for her love.

Serenata – Jota Perico. Serenade – Jota Perico. Guitxrrico, my little guitar, and don’t worry if the wind blows your plea away as the wind is for everyone it can still light upon guitaerico. Tell her if you see her pass Tell her though very softly Tell her I am half out of my mind Tell her I’ve lost my mind Tell her that the Inquisition, Tell her it was a great torture but that it is nothing to what I am suffering Tell her everything Tell her I love her Tell her I cannot live Tell her I’m dying Tell her to glance at me if only for a moment Tell her ‘take pity on your little simpleton.

Tell her that my heart Tell her Guitarrici am looking for it Tell her I gave it to her Tell her I ask where she’s thrown it Tell her to satisfy my love Tell her to listen to my pleas Guitarricco her I am dying and I want to live for her Tell her everything, etc.

Stop, my little ek. Esa mujer es buena. En su mirar como una luz singular he visto que esa mujer es una desventurada. It cannot be so! This woman is good. She cannot be a bad woman! In her look, like a strange light, I’ve seen that this woman is unhappy. She cannot be a cheap siren who has poisoned every moment of my life. Because I’ve seen her pray, because I’ve seen her love, because I’ve seen her cry!

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Those eyes that cry don’t know how to lie. Bad women do not look like that. Glinting in her eyes I saw two tears, and my hope is, they glint for me. Vivid light of my hopes! Take pity on my love! Because I cannot pretend, because I cannot be silent, because I cannot live! No respetan mi presencia, ni que soy su capataz. Es mi sino desgraciado como amargo es mi destino, mi destino de encargado de esta hacienda del vecino.

And to mock me, too! They neither respect my presence, nor that I am their overseer. It is my unfortunate fate, how bitter is my ell, my destiny to be in charge of this whole estate. An honest, conscientious man I fulfil my duties attentively, but at the same time everyone treats me as a cure-all taking advantage guigarrico my presence with some impudence or other. I have to watch! I have to keep quiet!

Swall, swallow, swallow, they come to me swall, swallow they question me thus: And their guardians have ordered me to take diligent care of them, and watch their dallyings for any impropriety, and at my age, this is, gentlemen! A servirla estoy dispuesto. Anda, Rufo, por favor. Gran poder el de su mirada, que a una mujer deja enamorada! Esa locura es imposible.

El Guitarrico (Soriano, Agustín Pérez)

A casarse usted va; novio tiene va. Yo no traigo al pastor. No lo puedo negar. Pero yo tal locura no puedo amparar.

El Guitarrico by Hilarion y su organillo on Amazon Music –

No la puedo escuchar. No me puedo callar. Maruxa, si, esa era la pastora. Me traes a Pablo, le quiero hablar. Haciendo burla La, la, la. Cerca de una fuente le voy a buscar. Venturoso amor, oigo tu rumor grato y dulcemente. Go immediately, look for Pablo and bring him presto.

Tell him I want to speak with him. Already I smell trouble, the Mistress is mad, she’s fallen for the shepherd and wants my help.

What are you muttering?

El guitarrico

Can’t you see I’m excited? With bitter resignation makes to leave Swallow, swallow, silly fool, Tell me why you carry that gamebag! Stopping Rufo, speaks confidencially to him For that shepherd has my heart!

I saw him, he looked at me and his gaze transfixed guitwrrico. Likewise, I gazed at him an instant; he blushed! I was left confused, but felt a unexpected content, that flowed through all my being and transformed my life.

Great power of his glance, guitxrrico could make a woman enamoured!