Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey – As Menolly uncovers magic and intrigue, mischievous Piemur discovers the rhythm of adventure in the final book in the. Dragondrums is the third book of the Harper Hall Trilogy in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Dragondrums was first published by Atheneum in. The Paperback of the Dragondrums (Harper Hall Trilogy Series #3) by Anne McCaffrey at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Dragondrums was first published by Atheneum in March Once again Pern was in danger. The air trembled with Threadfalland the holds seethed with rebellion. The willy young Piemurhis singing ended by a change of voice, was given a new assignment by the Master Harper.


Next is the text detailing the details of the plot. If you are sure you want to read this, click the button. Taking place three turns after the events of DragonsingerDragondrums opens with Piemur ‘s voice breaking as he prepares to sing the soprano role in a song recently written by Master Domick about Lessa ‘s journey to retrieve the Oldtimers.

Master Domick sends Piemur to Master Shonagarwho confirms he will no longer be able to sing soprano and thus is forced to remove him as his apprenticebut sends him to Robintonsuggesting there is still work for him. Piemur fakes disappointment to his friends until his new position is announced, and he is taken to the Drumheightswhere he begins learning the codes used to send messages via drums.

Realising his position allows him to discover more about the events on Pern than the gossip in the Harper Hall could, he makes an effort of learning the drum codes, inadvertantly making enemies out of the other drum apprentices, who aren’t learning as fast.

Piemur’s first job for Robinton is to travel to a Fort mineholdwhere he finds T’ronthe former Weyrleader of Fort Weyrattempting to claim gems meant for the Harper Hall. However, Piemur hides the good gems in his boots, and the miners manage to trick T’ron into taking dud gems, claiming that the mine is exhausted, and no longer produces the gems that it did in his time. The next day, Piemur returns to the Harper Hall to inform Robinton, before returning to the Drumheights, where he is given the task of delivering messages.

One day, Menolly comes to get Piemur, telling him they will be attending a Gather at Igen Holdwhere he will be disguised as a scruffy apprentice and listen out for any conversations involving the Oldtimers. The next day, Piemur, Menolly and Sebell are taken by F’nor to watch the Hatching at Benden Weyrwhere they talk with Menolly’s old friends at the Weyr, including Mirrimbefore the Hatching begins, and they see F’lar and Lessa’s son Felessan Impress a bronze hatchling.


One green hatchling hasn’t Impressed as the Hatching draws to a close, and it begins climbing the stairs to the stands. During the festivities at Benden Weyr, Piemur listens in on conversations about the holdless, before he falls asleep and is returned to the Harper Hall. When he wakes, and goes to the apprentice’s rooms, he finds the other drum apprentices have soiled his clothing and sleeping furs. Dirzan discovers this and punishes them, resulting in their bullying of Piemur becoming worse.

Unknown to him, the steps to the drumheights have been greased by the apprentices, and Mccaffreg falls and knocks himself out as he runs up them. Silvina notices grease on Piemur’s shoe, proving his story, and Dirzan is punished for letting things get out of hand. When Piemur recovers, he discovers he has been taken out of the drumheights for good, and Robinton is sending him and Sebell to attend Nabol Hold’s Gather disguised as herders.

Nabol Hold has been buying a large number of expensive goods from other Holds, but its inhabitants don’t seem to have benefited from this. In addition to this, Nabol Hold is swarming with fire lizards, despite not having a coastline for them to clutch on, suggesting Lord Meron is illegally trading with the Oldtimers.

Sebell makes his way to Nabol on foot with several herdbeastswhile Piemur is transported there by N’ton. In his guise, Piemur is given task after task to do, but manages to steal a queen fire lizard egg when he is sent to clean Lord Meron’s apartments. When the drudges stop work to mcccaffrey, Piemur attempts to leave, only to be barred at the gates by the guards.

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Removing his drudge disguise, Piemur goes and hides until he can leave with those visiting Nabol Hold. Unfortunately, his theft of the fire lizard egg is discovered while he sleeps, and Piemur wakes to find people searching for him.

In panic, Piemur climbs into a window near his hiding place leading into a locked storeroom, and hides himself inside a torn sack, where he falls asleep. Unknown to Piemur, the sacks are to be sent to Southern Weyr, and he is inadvertantly taken to the Southern Continent by Oldtimers. When Robinton and Oldive arrive, along with Menolly, Sebell tells them of what he has seen, before they go to talk with Lord Meron; he is likely to die soon, and he has not chosen a successor, and the holders fear this will result in duels between his relatives after he dies.


Robinton sends Sebell to summon the Lord Holders of the lands neighbouring Nabol, and they soon confront Lord Meron, who refuses to name a successor. Not long afterwards, Sebell comes to the conclusion that Piemur must have been hiding in the room where the supplies for Southern Weyr were kept, and plans to send word to Toric to look out for Dragondfums. Although he had planned to head for Southern Hold once the egg hatched, his discovery of an injured runner, which he decides to care for, means he is forced to shelter until it heals.

Not long afterwards, three ships arrive from Southern Hold to harvest numbweed from a nearby ddragondrums, and Piemur is discovered by SharraToric’s sister, who seeks his help in harvesting other medicinal herbs, and who ends up talking with him about the Southern Continent.

As they emerge from the Great CurrentSebell becomes irritable for a reason he can’t explain. Menolly soon discovers why: Not long after, they arrive at Southern Hold, where they talk with Toric about recent events and Piemur.

Dragondrums (Harper Hall, #3) by Anne McCaffrey

Sebell suggests they attempt to signal Piemur using drum signals, but Southern Hold has no drumheights, so they are forced to construct one.

Piemur re-unites with Menolly and Sebell, and they begin talking about his future at the Harper Hall, although Sharra believes he should stay on the Southern Continent. Sign In Don’t have an account? But I also want you to notice the way things are said, the tone and inflection, the emphasis.

Contents [ show ]. Locus Index to SF Awards. Retrieved from ” http: No one will miss your boyish treble more than I, lad, except possibly Domick, but here in the Harper Hall, some of us listen to other tunes and drum a different beat.

First Fall The P.