Drachenwand Klettersteig is a route inside of Drachenwand. The Drachenwand Klettersteig is a via ferrata in Austria, near the town of Mondsee. It is classified C/D and is really fun to climb. There is also a part with. Juli Parken beim eigens für Bergsportler errichteten Parkplatz beim Gasthof Drachenwand (Parkgebühr EUR 2,00). Danach folgt der Zustieg zum.

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BERGFEX: Drachenwand Klettersteig – Klettersteig – Tour Oberösterreich

Due to construction works the via ferrata Drachenwand Dragonwall as well as the trail up to the Drachenwand are closed at the moment.

Please note – it is not possible to pass the construction works. We strongly advise to respect the blockade! Thank you for your understanding! Hans Gassner St. The mountain Drachenwand has a stunning scrap with a beautiful view of MondSeeLand. Our Restaurant is located submontane of the Drachenwand. The meter view in nothing This forest chapel is located on the Klausbach near Plomberg St. It was erected thanks to the fact that on its site a chaplain was saved from a tree that had a picture of St.

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Via ferrata routes in Voecklabruck

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C to D ★★★Drachenwand Klettersteig, m Via ferrata climb in Drachenwand | theCrag

Use an onboard computer that displays the respective kilometres travelled per day and is calibrated for the front wheel. Mountain biking is one of the most wonderful outdoor leisure-time activities. Whilst biking or on a mountain biking tour, mountains and lakes, meadows and cabins dracheenwand re-discovered in new ways. A couple of rules for fair play in the forest help to avoid conflicts whilst mountain biking. Pedestrians have drachewnand right of way: We are accommodating and friendly to pedestrians and hikers.

Upon encountering these fellow travellers, we alert them by using the bicycle bell and slowly overtake them.

We avoid paths with heavy pedestrian traffic altogether. Take nature into account: We do not leave refuse behind. The braking distance should be half of the total distance visible: We ride at a controlled pace, are ready to brake and maintain a braking distance half as long as the total distance visible, especially in curves, because we always have to count on obstacles on the path.

Damage to the path, stones, branches, wood piles, grazing livestock, cattle grids, barriers, tractor-type forestry machines and authorised vehicles pose dangers that we need to be ready for. Do not drink alcohol when mountain biking. Take care at stop-off points dealing with bike racks, dirty shoes or clothing. Marked routes, draxhenwand paths and blockades: Keep to the marked routes, observe the blockades and accept that these roads are primarily for agricultural and forestry use!

Blockades can often not be avoided and are in your own interest. Biking beyond the intended path and outside of opening times is punishable and turns us into illegal bikers. Whilst mountain biking, mobile telephones and music players are forbidden!

Biking requires your full attention. Out of consideration to the animals living in the wild, we only bike during full daylight. As a principle, we always wear our helmet even when riding uphill! We always have a repair set and bandages along. We should not overdo it when it comes to biking technique and physical fitness. Take the level of difficulty posed by the route into consideration and make a precise estimate of your experience and skills as a biker braking, bell, lights!

We approach grazing livestock at a walking pace and close every gate behind us. We should avoid causing escape and panic reactions in the animals. Nothing stands in the way of dtachenwand fun and athletic challenge in the mountains and forests!

The general traffic rules StVO apply for all the mountain biking routes and we adhere to them. Our bike therefore needs to be in perfect technical condition and equipped in line with the traffic rules, including brakes, a bell and lights. We inspect and service our mountain bikes regularly anyway. We assume no liability for the contents of external websites; in particular, we assume no liability for their statements and contents.


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Drachenwand – Dragonwall via ferrata

Tour and dracyenwand information. Lorenz am Mondsee Starting point: The via ferrate dragonwall Drachenwand in St. Lorenz was opened to climbers and mountaineers in The route runs over solid rocks along the eastern grade to the summit of the Drachenwand. The total lenght of the via ferrata is m and ascends meters. The lenght of the route and the stamina required should not be underestimated.