I am using Dopod pro. sometimes i use onscreen keyboard. . to record my phone calls need this at work to confirm job instructions. i am still looking for the service manual, is anybody, who can provide me that service manual. c vice%. Has anybody managed to download the manual from the Dopod website? Whenever I try it simply refreshes the page. It wont let me right click.

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QuickMark and its icons are registered trademarks of SimpleAct, Inc. Dopod Defective Pixel Warranty Policy As the LCD display on the handheld product is made up of high precision components, possible lit or dark pixels Note appearing msnual the display screen is a common occurrence from the product manufacturing process.

Vie w Me ss ages 4. E xpe rien ce M obile Offic e Liv in g 8. How to Use This Manual After purchasing this product, carefully read through the user manual before operating.

For your reading convenience, this manual is designed with many tips and services in order to help you fi nd information quickly. Page Format Generally, each page is separated into up- per and lower areas, regardless of the dopor or right half of the page. At the beginning of each action icon, the purpose of this action will be outlined in red background color.

Each procedure will indicate the step sequence numbers, the action you will need to execute, the screen that appears for this procedure, You can write freehand on the touch screen with the stylus, Touch screen or use it to click on the screen to select an item.

When not in use, connector please replace the rubber cap. You can use the self photo mirror to preview the frame when Self photo mirror taking a picture of doood. Right LED indicator status: Light signal Status Solid green Batter charging is complete. You can store information such as pictures, music, documents, and program data on the MicroSD card.

The Today screen shows the following important information: Status indicator and program icons Status indicator: Phone preinstalled application programs: ActiveSync Syncs data between the phone and a computer. Performs simple math calculations such as Calculator addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Schedules appointment s information and creates Calendar meeting requests. Camera Capture photos or record audio movies. Enables you to edit the task table and create new Excel Mobile Excel documents on your phone.


After accessing the start menu, you can press the hardware keyboard A, B, and C buttons to activate the corresponding programs in the start menu. The phone and Bluetooth functions will still be activated and will continuously consume the phone battery power.

After system restarts, the phone will restore the phone settings to the factory defaults.

The phone will restart after resetting Action: You can use the virtual keyboard to quickly switch between lower and upper case as well as the number-symbol and Latin alphabet keyboard. Continuously Enter Upper Case English Characters Select twice Select Select virtual keyboard virtual keyboard virtual keyboard The virtual keyboard shows Before selectingthe upper case letters input method will remain upper case Action: Switch to Latin Keyboard Select Select lower left of virtual lower left of virtual keyboard keyboard After making your You can now select and selection, you can return to input the Latin alphabet the English keyboard.


Block Recognizer input screen Block Recognizer input method: Block Recognizer input screen Block Recognizer input screen: Transcriber works transparently in the background of programs,recognizing words with its integrated dictionary. When Transcriber is turned on, it interprets stylus movement anywhere on the screen as handwriting input Transcriber input screen Transcriber Shortcut Icon Functions Using Transcriber SelectTranscriber Select right side of input method display After virtual keyboard is Transcriber input screen activated, the icon will be shown Action: When you wish to use the physical keyboard for inputs, please slide the screen open towards the right.

The display method will change to landscape mode for your convenience. Use Physical Keyboard to Enter Symbols Select Press Then press Open the symbol table With the symbol table Symbol is input open, you can tap or use the direction buttons to select the symbol If an incorrect PIN code is entered more than 3 times, the SIM card will automatically be locked and you will not be able to use the phone functions.

In certain circumstances, such as when on an airplane, you may be required to turn off the phone and other wireless communication functions. During a call, you will still be able to access other application programs, or return to the Today screen. When using speed dialing, you only need to select the number button on the phone screen to dial the most recently used numbers. When you are on a call, you can still select the start menu and access other application programs at any time, or return to the Today screen.

Reject Incoming Calls Select Ignore Or press Hang Up button Incoming call prompt After rejecting the incoming call, the top of the screen will show to remind you that you have missed calls Action: Before dialing or answering video calls, please make sure you are using a 3G mobile network supported USIM card and account. When the task bar at the top of the screen shows the appropriate icon it means that you are already using a Options Description Show still image Choose the picture you wish to display when the video camera is disabled during a call.

Swap calls Select Swap Swap call to other side To listen to voicemail messages, you can dial the voicemail number provided by the service provider from the phone application. Dialing emergency calls Enter emergency phone number Action: When you select the number or the English characters representing the number for example: Select the call type to List all outgoing calls browse.

You will also be able to delete and edit the speed dial entries. For entry dial entry example: Index Action Open the Messaging Center Note 1 Default folder description: Folder Description Inbox Stores all received messages.


Deleted Items Deleted messages are saved in Deleted Items. Drafts Stores message drafts. Outbox Stores outgoing messages that are ready to be sent. Sent Dlpod Sent messages are saved in Sent Items as a backup.

The fee for each message transaction will depend on the telecom service provider. A single message can have up to English characters or 70 Chinese characters. Close Messages Select Browse message icon changed to Action: To edit messages, please refer to Action: Adding kanual New Message Browse received MMS messages. Read and unread messages are indicated by the following icons: Please refer to Select Select Send Download Complete E-mail Contents Select Obtain remaining parts of this message E-mail contents will be completely downloaded during next sync Action: Please enter your e-mail address, for example: Index Action Open Contacts Application Opens the Tasks Application In the Contacts application, you can add, view, edit, copy, and delete contacts, or manage contacts in categories.

To address Note 1for add new ring tone, please example: Select Notes Select Finish editing contacts Return to contacts main Phone contacts will not manjal changed with replacement of the SIM card.

Finish adding new SIM do;od contacts Action: To edit, browsing screen.

DOPOD 838PRO User Manual

To make browse or edit, for example: Sort entry number, for example: Select to view multiple categories Contacts main screen. In the calendar program, you can add new appointments, view, edit, copy, and delete sent appointment information.

Normal Select Select Notes Once Appointment occurs only once Same day every week Appointment occurs on same day of every week Close Appointment Reminder Action: View and Edit Appointments You can set up reminders for tasks, or manage them by setting up different categories. All of your entered tasks are displayed in the application main screen Tasks List.

Buy ticket Priority, Priority, or Active Tasks in progress tasks After selecting, edit view or edit, for example: To edit, please refer Take ticket view more information to action You can use the virtual or hardware keyboard, handwriting recognition, and audio recording to edit note contents. You have shown as in note added a new note entry documents.

You can memory card The note icon becomes use different folders to after moving to categorize notes memory card Action: If your ActiveSync installation program is downloaded from the Internet, please execute the installation program from dopov folder it was downloaded to. Then select Next Enter your name and group information, Select the installation destination folder. It will then execute the sync confi guration wizard to create the ActiveSync connection between the phone and computer.