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Remove any other unwanted application from ” Resoft Ltd ” publisher. Restart Internet Explorer and proceed to Step 3. Open Google Chrome and go to chrome menu and choose ” Settings “. Set your preferred startup page e. Choose your preferred default search engine e. When the confirmation dialog appears, click Descarvar. Restart Google Chrome and proceed to Step 3.

Close all Firefox windows and proceed to the next Step. Download and install MalwareBytes Antimalware Free program to clean your computer from malicious threats remaining on your computer. Every time it shows “Uninstall.

I searched the internet for months! Tigie Jun 17, Hello, I have been trying to remove this Snap. Do with no luck. I tried it 203, and the with 2 free malware software and finally with CCleaner.

The only message I get is “the software you are trying to use is on a network resourse that is unavailable. To my knowlege my computer is not networked.

Is it possible to ddscargar this thing?

Uninstall any other unknown or unwanted app from your computer. Use the ” Geek Uninstaller ” utility to remove the nasty program by using these instructions: Cachemire Jun 17, Hai Nguyen Jun 03, Thank you so much for very clear instruction.

This is really helpful page for everyone. Thank you again for your help. Christina May 11, Thank you SO much for these clear instructions!


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I’d been fighting with browser hijaking for a year almost! I think it is gone now and I’m glad to have the malware programs downloaded.

Jerry Apr 06, Mathen Mar 26, Peter Cox Feb 11, Many thanks for your advice. Just one problem remains: It’s just a nuisance, but how can I get rid of it?

Hello Peter, I appreciate your donation. About your problem now: Right-click on the taskbar and unselect uncheck the corresponding named ‘search’ toolbar. How to install and use one of the best free registry cleaners to disinfect windows. Look at the “Windows” tab and delete the unwanted entry from the Start-Up items list. I”ve already tried a right-click on the offending icon but nothing comes up.

I’ll try your second suggestion. As part of the snap. I’ll check it again tomorrow, but right now I’m practising French. Peter Cox Feb 12, Thanks again, lakonst, but I’ve not been successful. Nothing like the odd icon, or a another “search” file named “Search”, or some variant of “Google”, shows up. Looks like I might have to just leave the thing there. Philip Glancy Jan 13, Ben Jan 08, Wow, what a pain in the arse snapdo was. That’ll learn me for downloading a “java update” from a popup during a late-night session.

And not just snapdo, but ‘discount dragon’ the two main pains and a few others. Thanks to all behind this page and pages like it. Nayt Layt Dec 26, Eric Dec 22, A big thank you to you! You’d certainly make my day. Barry Nov 02, Quira Oct 27, Very useful and easy to follow.

Much MUCH appreciation for the detailed instructions. Minor tip, if anyone cannot find Snap. Mickey Oct 22, Luca Oct 20, After doing all the above steps, I found 2 programs that can’t be removed. Try the above procedure: Boot your computer in Safe Mode. Try to uninstall these programs again. Enable the “Hidden files” view, from folders options Control Panel 4. Search your disk from snap. Tony Zahra Oct 28, CCleaner said the “snap. In any case it was not welcome, so it was good to be rid of it.


Khushant Gupta Oct 12, I did everything, from uninstalling Snap. TDS Sep 29, I descargxr from India……… hope I could donate to you people using indian rupees…. Dorian williams Sep 01, Brilliant instructions for XP problem with snap.

It took me 10 minutes to remove Dorian. Decha Aug 13, Ron Aug 10, Julian Aug 05, By the way you can remove the firefox stuff by entering entering “about: FailPersonShovelware Aug 04, The curious thing was, just after my AVG free trial ran out, I got this snap.

Chuck Aug 03, I used the Anvis Labs.

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And yes I’m not real bright. A combination of both seems to have done the job. I might add a C: I have multiple browsers and they communicate with each other favorites somewhat and likely other things also, maybe preferencesThis may be part of the problem in killing tivie thing dead, dead, dead.

I picked up both Snapdo and Webcake in the tigiee couple of days, both from Cnet downloads of common programs. Both after opting out of Yahoo search and AVG toolbar, which makes a person wonder?

Well anyway six hours later I seem to have been successful. I sure would like six minutes alone with whomever thought Snapdo nd Webcake were good ideas. As a side note, my web browsing seems a lot quicker than before this ordeal. Jenny Jul 25,