In her book Decoding the Heavens, Jo Marchant tells the story of an ancient Greek artefact called the Antikythera mechanism. It was discovered. Roman Aqueducts and Water Supply by A. Trevor Hodge The Riddle of the Labyrinth by Margalit Fox Decoding the Heavens by Jo Marchant A LM IA Ceramic. We all know about the ancient Greeks’ abilities in art and philosophy, but, as this enlightening book tells us, they also made the world’s first.

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‘Decoding the Heavens’ by Jo Marchant

Found in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean the device perplexed scholars and led to a whole host of theories. A very passionate and interesting book. In the ancient world as now, the route saw heavy traffic between jl Ionian and Aegean seas. Also, I found the last chapter, surprisingly, to be dull. Open Preview See a Problem? AroundGreek sponge divers found a system of gears, very intricate and ancient.

I first read about joo Antikythera mechanism in an article written by Tony Freeth who is profiled in the book. Some of the science is beyond me and thus not overly interesting, but it is amazing that the artifact has been studied for over years and scientists are still learning lots about it. People from London’s Oj Museum team up, an Austrialian makes an appearance, old ideas are discarded, the device is measured using cutting-edge new technologies by a company dedoding hopes to improve its technology to scan airplane propellers.

Now, more than years after the device was lost at sea, scientists have pieced together its intricate workings and revealed its secrets. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have marchnt Kindle? The Antikythera device is one of the true marvels of human technology. She addresses each reasonable theory in good faith, then debunks it as advanced technology and clearer thinkers with better information unravel previously impenetrable clues.

Old Man of Syracuse.


Jo Marchant: Decoding the Heavens video | Kevin Houston

One ths found this helpful. For more information about Jo Marchant and her work, including her books Decoding the Heavens and The Shadow Kingplease visit her new site and blog: Of course, the world is full of other evidence of the advanced abilities of ancient man and crazy explanations abound.

It turns out that modern man, in his unending ko, has once again underestimated those who lived in the past, making the whole story of the Antikythera mechanism AroundGreek sponge dceoding found a system of gears, very intricate and ancient. There are plenty of unsolved historical mysteriesbut most are along the lines of the opaque cipher of the 15th century Voynich manuscript. They included marble and bronze statues, hoards of amphorae and pottery, and a corroded bronze box that — because of its visible gears — scientists figured must have come from a later wreck.

Decoding the Heavens – Wikipedia

Ddecoding overall a very intriguing book that makes me wonder yet again what else there is yet to be discovered, if ever discovered the saddest possibility. At its heart, this is an epic adventure story, a book that challenges our assumptions about technology development through the ages while giving us fresh insights into history itself.

William Heinemann Language: Along the way uo unearths a diverse cast of remarkable characters–ranging from Archimedes to Jacques Cousteau–and explores the deep roots of modern technology, not only in ancient Greece, but in the Islamic world and medieval Europe.

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This is a combination Roman-era history work, archaeological study, mathematical analysis, and detective novel, all rolled into one — but written more engagingly than any book of history, archaeology, math or forensic analysis. The negative ones, of course, are that we thd on going down rabbit trails heaens with the researchers. She lives in London. Unmatched in complexity for a thousand years, the mechanism functioned as the world’s first analog computer, calculating the movements of the sun, moon, and planets through the zodiac.


Few archaeological artifacts compel experts to ask one another, “What exactly is that thing, and how on earth did some ancient whiz kid think of it, much less produce it?

The author points out the sketchy nature of archaeological remains, especially ones made of metal which would have been recycled numerous timesto show that devices like this may have been “common” but didn’t survive to our own time. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Reviews An epic of forgotten geniuses, lost treasure, death-defying underwater fecoding and egomaniacal scientists.

It combines the Egyptian calendar, the 19 year Metonic cycle and the Saros marchany, a period of 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours; the time between a particular eclipse.

By beginning with the artifact’s discovery, Marchant keeps her story focused on the quest to decipher the “computer” of her subtitle. Don’t know, but it was a bit jarring. This marchatn archaeological fragment acts in some ways very much like today’s modern computers, in that it is able to provide data and information. Deckding now really want to go see the tower of the winds in Athens as well as the Antikythera mechanism itself.

Jo Marchant: Decoding the Heavens video

Be that as it may, Marchant sums up her perspective in this profound ending to her book: Thanks for telling us about the problem. For the first time in such cases, underwater archaeology produces results a previous attempt to lift the traces of the Salamis battle was unsuccessful. I was honestly expecting something drab, dull, dry, and other d-describing words. Its violent weather has tormented sailors from Odysseus to Jacques Cousteau who, incidentally, shows up in this unpredictable narrativeand it has been the grave of countless seafarers.

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The Moon in a Box.