The Chronicles of Riddick by Alan Dean Foster Genre: Science fiction, space opera, dystopia Publisher: Del Rey Books (December ). The Chronicles of Riddick by Alan Dean Foster, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Chronicles of Riddick is a novelization of the film, The Chronicles of Riddick. It was written by Alan Dean Foster, a science fiction/horror/fantasy/mystery.

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She sometimes imagines that he smirks but doesn’t quite know if she’s seen it or not. I riddicm have done with a little less of Riddick being Riddick in what was perhaps Diesel’s attempt to bring back the macho tough guy of the 80s, but with less campiness, and more attempted intellectual and occasionally gross sexist I’ll never watch the third movie, Riddick, again for the latter reason comments and actions.

I find the Chronivles universe the multiverse? Well, my boyfriend is obsessed with them, and dragged me to the theater to see them all over the years. That was the point of the movie that this novel was based on. The mercenary however was unsuccessful and provided Riddick with transportation. Primal yet exacting, the ultimate word Very unfulfilling – not the least because it seemed to have so much potential.


A faithful render of the screen play and nothing more.

Riddick is weird Like Like Reply. Several other novels, including the Icerigger trilogy, are also set in the world of the Commonwealth. It was like being forced to eat sardines. You see, when I watched the movie I must have missed this part, and it certainly wasn’t repeated.

Aug 01, Jenny T. Even though I loved the movie and wished to learn more alzn Riddick in the book, the book however was somewhat hard if follow and skipped all over the place yet in the end if wrapped things up and started to make sense.

In his conversation with Riddick, the Purifier reveals that “most” Furyans converted to Necroism, bolstering the ranks and providing fierce fighters. Reams more information than the movie. Dec 29, Selene rated it it was ok.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I really enjoyed this book and gave it was four stars.

Rididck was told, over and over and over, to the detriment of what is actually a decent story. I already know the overall story, of course, seeing as I’ve watched the movie at least three times.

I could have done with a little less of Riddick be In my quest to read more movie novelizations this year, it’s unsurprising that Foster’s name would pop up on the list.

The Chronicles of Riddick (novelization)

There is a planet that is used as a prison. He received a B. If the universe and the story were more interesting it may be worth it to slog through.


But they end up dead, and Mr. I read novelizations with the hope that I’ll get a few new insights into the characters and events, and maybe a deleted scene or two. Vaako takes pride in being the commander to riiddick the capitol building which was shown, but not identified, in the film. As with all fanatics, they believe they are doing their lord’s work.

The Chronicles of Riddick (novelization) | Riddick Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

May 25, William Maxwell rated it it was ok. In fact, in searching my library for more novelizations by him, this one popped up. I enjoyed the story enough to give this 4 stars and getting to enjoy it without having to watch Vin Diesel act almost convinced me to give it 5.

Having seen there was a novel adaptation, I grabbed it right away. Added some emotional depth to the characters, but no additional story.

There is no room for my observation or my opinion. Winn rated it it was amazing.