Editorial Reviews. Review. The powerful fantasy novel Child of the Prophecy successfully concludes Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters Trilogy, which. Title: Child of the Prophecy Author(s): Juliet Marillier ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: Paw Prints Availability. CHILD OF THE PROPHECY: Book Three of the Sevenwaters Trilogy. Juliet Marillier, Author. Tor $ (p) ISBN

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Jun 19, Nita rated it it was ok. But while Oonagh was driven by vengeance and had a clear goal in mind, that Fainne is capable of such a thing when all of her instincts thd her NO really made me question her character and morality.

Juliet Marillier | The Official Site | Author of Historical Fantasy – Child of the Prophecy

Magical elements, while obviously chiod given the heroine’s abilities, are well-done, fitting into the setting and retaining a sense of wonder.

Jan 11, Debbie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I will order the next book on audio as it’s time to re-read them all anyway. In this book I particularly liked the idea fo a human sacrifice is needed even when it comes to preserving what is magical and Fae, because it is part of human history as well and we should work just as actively in preserving it, since we are the most active force in tearing it down Her stories are like a cihld In some ways, this novel didn’t carry forth the same level of well-rounded excellency as Marillier’s novels always do, with a few points shoddily disregarded or merely disappointing, but ultimately, one cannot deny that Child of the Prophecy is an excellent conclusion to this original trilogy.

She must use whatever powers she can to prevent the Fair Folk winning back the Islands, no matter what the cost. Juliet is the author of twenty historical fantasy novels for adults and young adults, as well as a book of short fiction.


I will do no more to spoil this story, but the climax to all of this is an incredible “can not put it down” read bringing together some of my favorite characters from the previous books.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be! I mean is it worth walking away while I st In the conclusion to the Seven Julieh trilogy Fianne, finds herself the puppet of her grandmother, Oonagh in her plot to destroy the Fair Folk. The reason I gave this book one star was because I thought it was During their fight, Fainne comes out of hiding, pushed by her grandmother to kill Johnny at this pivotal moment.

It made me lose a lot of respect for not only Eamonn but also Fainne, which is a bit unfair I admit, considering how manipulated she was by a grandmother who did exactly the same thing. Many fans of the previous books seem to dislike this one for reasons that aren’t flaws in my eyes: Inner turmoil and growth, which pro;hecy prominent, chikd well-done and balanced out with dialogue and a bit of action. This mwrillier starred a new type of character, but the theme of strong women making big, world-shaking decisions shines through, and remains true to the rest of the trilogy.

I liked Fainne not only because she is not pretty, but also because she is a walking well, limping proof that having magic doesn’t make you smart or sociable or courageous or all three indeed.

Child of the Prophecy (Sevenwaters, book 3) by Juliet Marillier

She must find the strength to fight Oonagh’s evil influence and end a war marilliier has been waged for generations. Additionally, there is a slew of new characters, all in the form of Fianne’s numerous cousins, all of which I loved.


Child of the Prophecy is, I think, a book about learning to love oneself, that it doesn’t matter how many marjllier might love you because it is all lost if you don’t have that inner core of strength and self-love.

Somehow she keeps this series fresh and exciting, and you absolutely fall in love with all the cihld. Child of the Prophecy was not either.

Sevenwaters 3 Child of the Prophecy–Finished? I really care about the characters and what is happening to them, and sadness is just part of their experiences. Despite Fianne’s inherent goodness Oonagh uses magic to poison her mind and twist her.

Child of the Prophecy

This one however was a big let down. Now I have to decide whether I want to read the second trilogy These books cild not necessarily part of the contemporary literary tradition. Retrieved 28 March She combines tragedy and desperation with hope and love – romantic and familial love, love of the forest or This is such a hard review to write because I prophcy this book so much.

I wanted more magic since the story was based on Fainne’s powers but instead, if final ‘battle’ was a fight of words. Wolfskin Foxmask And this is when the whole setup comes to the fore: This book’s MC is Fianne, Niamh’s daughter. Fainne is, in my opinion, probably the most believable of the characters in the three books.