Part Lists & Dimensions · PT Pilot® · Technical Notes · MOVIGEAR®: Click to learn about this innovative product! 2D/3D CAD. bly is also carried out completely by SEW-EURODRIVE. In combination with our drive electronics, these drives provide the utmost in flexibility. Products of the. Catalogo Reductores SEW. Uploaded by Yosmer David Bolaño. reductores sew sequences, servo drive systems by SEW-EURODRIVE offer a flexible and.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The documentation is written for all employees who assemble, install, start up, and service this product. The documentation must be accessible and legible. Make sure that persons responsible for the system and its operation, as well as persons who work independently on the unit, have read through the documentation carefully and understood it.

Simplifies handling of the drive system. Design of the section-related safety notes Section-related seew notes do not apply to a specific action, but to several actions pertaining to one subject.

The symbols used either indicate a general hazard or a specific hazard. This is the formal structure of a safety note for a specific section: Type and source of danger. Possible consequence s rductores disregarded.

Design of the embedded safety notes Embedded safety notes are directly integrated into the instructions just before the description of the dangerous action. This is the formal structure of an embedded safety note: Type and source of hazard.

Therefore read the documentation before you start working with the unit. In such cases, any liability for defects is excluded.

Manual. MOVIMOT Table Positioning. Edition 04/2004 C5.B / EN

Unauthorized reproduction, modification, distribution or eurodrkve other use of the whole or any part of this documentation is strictly prohibited. The operator must ensure that the basic safety notes are read and adhered to. Make sure that persons responsible for the system and its operation, as well as persons who work independently on the unit, have read through the operating instructions carefully and understood them.

If using gearmotors, please also refer to the safety notes for gear units in the corresponding operating instructions. Also observe the supplementary safety notes in the individual sections of this documentation. Severe or fatal injuries. Removing the required protection sed or the housing without authorization, improper use as well as incorrect installation or operation may result in severe injuries to persons or damage to property.

This documentation provides additional information. Qualified personnel in the context of this documentation are persons familiar with the design, mechanical installation, troubleshooting and servicing of the product who possess the following qualifications: Any electronic work may only redkctores performed by adequately qualified electricians. Qualified electricians in the context of this documentation are persons familiar with electrical installation, startup, troubleshooting and servicing of the product who possess the following qualifications: In addition to that, they must be familiar with the relevant safety regulations and laws, especially with the requirements of the performance levels according to DIN EN ISO and all other standards, directives and laws specified in this documentation.


The above mentioned persons must have the authorization expressly issued by the company to operate, program, configure, label and ground units, systems and circuits in accordance with the standards of safety technology.

All work in further areas of transportation, storage, reductorea and waste disposal must only be carried out reducfores persons who are trained appropriately. The number is a code that indicates which components in the motor are safety-related.

See the following excerpt from the code table for all products: Functional safety Inverter 01 x Motor monitoring e. Observe the applicable standards and directives in your country for assembly, installation, and operation eurodrie the motor. For the installation and operation of the motor as well as for startup and recurring technical see, national and international regulations apply, especially: Any differing specifications on the nameplate must be observed.

The ambient conditions must comply with all the specifications on the nameplate. Inform the shipping company immediately about any damage. It may be necessary to preclude startup. Tighten the eyebolts securely.

The installed lifting eyebolts are in accordance with DIN The loads and regulations specified in that document must always be observed. If the gearmotor is equipped with two eyebolts, then both of these should be used for transportation. Use suitable, sufficiently rated handling equipment if necessary.

Reattach these in the case of further transportation. Store the motor in a dry, dust-free environment if it is not to be installed straight away. The motor can be stored for one year without requiring any special measures before startup. Protect the unit from excessive strain. Especially during transportation and handling, do not allow the components to be deformed or insulation caalogo altered.

Prevent mechanical damage or destruction of electrical components. Unless expressly intended for such use, the following applications are reductorse All work may only be carried out by qualified personnel.

During work, the low-voltage machine must be at standstill, de-energized, and safeguarded against accidental restart. This also applies to auxiliary circuits e. Perform electrical installation according to the pertinent regulations e. For any additional information, refer to the applicable documentation.

Sew Speed Gearbox Wholesale, Speed Gearbox Suppliers – Alibaba

Comply with the regulations of the following standards and directives: Establish a safe PE connection. When the motor is connected, the distances to non-insulated and live parts must not be shorter than the minimum values according to IEC and national regulations. With low voltage, the distances should be no shorter than the following values, in compliance with IEC Risk of damage to property due to illegible notes.

Replace eurodrie safety notes and signs. The safety notes attached to the motor must be observed. Possible damage to property. Check the polarity when replacing the brake. Never start up the motor if the protective covers are not installed. If the mating connector is not plugged in, attach a touch guard to the plug connector. Differences are possible depending on the motor size and design. BY brake component [] Oil seal [] Terminal box lower part [] Terminal box upper part [] Forced cooling fan, cpl.


The following figure shows a nameplate of a motor with UL and CSA approvals and safety-rated components: Measure the insulation resistance with a measurement voltage of DC V. eruodrive


The insulation resistance varies greatly depending on the temperature. You can measure the insulation resistance between the connection pins and the motor see using an insulation measuring device.

The motor must be dried if the insulation resistance is not adequate. Operating Instructions — CMP Synchronous Servomotors 27 Mechanical installation Long-term storage of servomotors 4 The following figure shows the insulation resistance depending on the temperature. Cuts caused by sharp edges due to open keyway. Pull a protective hose over the shaft.

Unit may eurodtive damaged or destroyed. Install the motor according to the instructions. Observe the permitted overhung and axial forces. Avoid unacceptable belt tension.

Use a commercially available solvent. Solvent may not get in contact with bearing or sealing rings because it may damage catallogo. The clearance between the wall and the housing must be at least 10 cm. Mechanical installation Mounting the fan catqlogo for the VR forced cooling fan: For information on the retrofit set, refer to the “Synchronous Servomotors” catalog. Carefully observe cataloggo following steps. Remove forced cooling fan, if installed 2. Remove the closing caps [28] 3.

Screw in studs [56] 4. Push in the sealing element [47] 5. Position the releasing lever [53] 6. Insert tension spring [57] 7. Tighten hex nut [58], observe 2 mm backlash between shim nut [58] and release lever [53] to ensure the proper function of the brake 8.

Check whether the unit is de-energized. Unused cable entry openings and the connection box itself must be sealed so that they are dust- and water-proof. You must not connect or start up the motor if the wiring diagram is missing.

Operating Instructions — CMP Synchronous Servomotors reuctores Electrical installation Notes regarding the connection of the power and signal cables via the con- 5 Switched-mode power cables include in particular: The cables can only be routed together if either the KTY cable or the power eurodrve is shielded.

Notes regarding the connection of the power and signal cables via the connector system The cable entry of the power and signal cable is installed using an adjustable right-angle connector.